Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


10. Chapter 10: Take My Love? Ha! Let the mother f. ‘n games begin!

Chapter 10: Take My Love?  Ha!  Let the mother f. ‘n games begin!

            RIVYN’S P.O.V

            Talk about guest room!

            I gasped as I stepped into where I was staying.  It was about the same size of Brian’s room, six times bigger than my kitchen at home.  The king size bed had a fur blanket over top and cashmere pillows that made me squeal in glee.

            “How comforting,” I sighed as I rolled on the bed.  My body sunk into the soft mattress, melting me completely.  It’s like all my problems were gone… disintegrating into this amazing bed…..

            The pop of a beer bottle made me jump from my skin.  I peered over to the door and managed to hear laughter coming from Brian’s room.  Probably partying with Chris right now.  Ugh, how animalistic.

            I headed straight to my bathroom and took a hot long shower, the liquid shooting out like jets as it bounced onto my naked skin.  I could never imagine getting this kind of comfort back home.  I wonder what Aunt Darby was doing.  I stepped out and slipped into a fuzzy white bathrobe that hung from the door and got my suitcase from under the bed.

            Unzipping it open, I realized that all my pyjamas were old looking and torn.  I didn’t want Mrs. Daniels thinking I was an unfortunate poor child so I put on my expensive silky pyjama dress that I only wore in front of my mirror.  I wonder she’ll think of me now?  I loved it when I pissed Brian off, it was hilarious to watch him not get what he wants.

            Drying my hair well, I noticed the bathroom mirrors were still pretty foggy.  With my cold finger, I drew on the mirror, writing down my name in cursive and a picture of a little boy and girl.  The boy was frantically running away with the most scared look on his face while the girl was chasing him with a chainsaw with an evil grin.

            I have to say, I’m not that bad of an artist.


            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            Is that a birdie?

            I took another swing of the bottle, drowning my problems with the intense liquid as it burned down my throat.

            “Brian, I think that’s enough.”

            I cackled and drank until it was empty.  “No way, hos-eh.” I threw the alcohol on the ground, the glass landing on my bed.  “Hundred more to go, blubbers!”  I was about to reach for another bottle but a hand stopped me.

            “Brian, I think there’s a better solution out there than drinking away your problems,” suggested Chris, his bottle not even half empty yet.

            I left my arm around Chris’s shoulder, leaning my weight on him.  “See that bird on the wall?”

            He looked at where I was pointing with a confused look.  “What bird?”

            “Exactly!” I said, walking backwards, scooping a bottle on my way.  “Oh hare she blows, mates!” I bellowed, collapsing onto my bed.  “No shit, Margret!  I want a box of crumpets!  Not crusty biscuits from the tailor’s man!”

            Chris sighed and sat me up.  “You need to wake up.”

            I snapped my head in his direction.  “No I do not!”  I giggled and drank again.  The bubbles made me shiver in delight as the wave of pleasure came back.  “And what’s wrong with you anyways?  Usually you’d be all tipsy with me and you’d be on your eighth glass!”

            Chris sighed and got up, leaving the bottle on the dresser.  Everyone was asleep by now and he was still trying to be quiet.  I didn’t care though, everyone hear was hard sleepers.  Well, maybe not for Rivyn and her aunt but I didn’t care!

            “Look, man.  I’ve been with you every step of the way.  We’re pretty much brothers.  We’ve told each other so many things that we swore to never tell anyone else except us since I could remember.  We moved from Canada to America together and we even slept with the twins together—”

            “With a promise of no-homo or gay or bi,” I interrupted, suddenly realizing how serious this was getting.  That was the one thing that I hated when I over-drank and tried to get wasted, I can easily come back to reality and switch to listening mode.  I could also remember everything from the first bottle to the last.  Everything except the memories my mother erased.

            He nodded his head.  I could feel like this conversation wasn’t going to end up well but I decided to let him continue.  Chris sucked in his breathe and looked out the window, “I think we should start growing up.”

            I stopped drinking and glanced at my best friend with a puzzled look.  “What!?  What do you mean?!” I stammered.

            Chris turned to me and sighed again.  “I think we should grow up.  You know.....”

            I set down the drink and got up, walking over to Chris.  “You mean stop partying?”

            “No, no,” he said, eyes wide.  “I mean, stop fooling around.  Start to help more around the house, actually do school work, maybe even settle down with one girl, to fall in l---”

            “Don’t say it, Chris.  I told you to never speak that word in front of me.”  He sighed again, starting to get me mad.  “Stop that!”

            “Stop what?”

            “Sighing!  It’s pissing me off!”

            Chris bit his lip and stared down at his hands.  “So what do you say?”

            “About what?” I asked, looking at him.  “About growing up?  Well, I—” I looked out the window and gazed down at the street.  A couple were making out furiously near the curb like there was no tomorrow.  Their hands were untwined into each other’s hair and their tongues were linked together in probably a lump of knots.  “I honestly think you’re crazy.  Who wouldn’t want this life!?”  I jumped onto my bed with an unopened wine bottle that laid very lonely on the floor.  “We’re rich, young, and we can get any girl we want!”  I shook the bottle with triumph and stared down at Chris.  “I can get any girl I want!  I, Brian Daniels, will make a deal with you Chris Mattingly, just to save your little ass!  If I can get Rivyn DeLor to fall in love with me before she leaves, we both don’t grow up.  If I can’t get her before she leaves, then we grow up.  Deal?”

            Chris shook his head and smiled as he took the other bottle of wine.  “Deal, you crazy ass man!” he agreed, shaking it.

            “Then let the games begin!” I cheered.

            “OPA!”  We both popped open the corks as the white fuzz sprinkled out like a fountain.  Drowning in suds, Chris and I laughed and drank like there was no tomorrow.

            I had to save Chris’s ass from growing up.  Hell, I had to save my ass from growing up.  However, tonight was a night to celebrate our freedom and youth.  Bringing on the new tomorrow that will begin the official test; to get someone to fall in love with me without falling back.  Getting the girl would be easy, making sure not to dive back in for her is the challenge.

            The liquid soared down my throat, making me cheer as the party in my stomach started to rumble in pleasure.

            You’re going down, Rivyn DeLor and your head will be a great addition as the hot new piece to my chess board.

            Baby, you’re playing the Bad Boy’s Game.

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