Almost like a Dream

Laura and Nick are two 18 year old's that have something in common, mind powers. What will happen when these two powerful strangers meet at a resort in L.A? And what will Nicks girlfriend think of his and Laura's romantic bond? Wrote in a two person narrative, read the challenges they must overcome with help of there friends.


2. Nick

    I was walking out of the elevator of the hotel when i herd a scream, no it wasn't a scream more like a yell "my necklace!" the girl yelled "it fell in the fountain!" i've seen this before, in my dream. ya i'm gifted like that. being in the moment i new it was time to be a hero, i know this place like the back of my hand and i guess that makes sense because my dad owns this place and one more in Canada. him my girlfriends parents and my friend's dad owns the company. its cool but i never see my dad and my mom is dead so its just me and Sally-my girlfriend- and that's not so bad. anyways when i saw the fountain i know why she was screaming, anything that falls in that fountain dosen't come back, anyone with eyes can tell that. i ran to the fountain to hoping that the piece of jewelry was still there and to my luck it was hooked to post in the fountain. so, i stuck my hand in to receive it.  why is the fucking fountain on the inside of the building? it dose not snow here so why bother? i soon felt a chain on my hand so i pulled it out of the water. it did not take long before the screaming girl was near me, and then i got a better look at her. this girl looked super hot she had brown hair and soft looking pink lips, i started to look at her eyes but immediatley looked away when i saw the color, purple. I know what your thinking "what's the big deal?" but let me tell you this, anyone with purple eyes like her and mine have "the powers". you know how i said that i can tell the future with my dreams? Well i know she can do that too and that she is telepathic. i have never met someone like me, i mean i know that there ARE people like me i just never met another person with the same "condition". As I was looking down I peeked at her necklace it said "Dream" in hand writing and had a little diamond beside the M. "thank you sooo much! that necklace has deep value to me." she said snapping me out of space.

"oh no problem" i said back bobbing up my head. Her face soon came blank and i  know she saw my eyes because she was just looking at me now.

"are you like me?" she said but it wasn't out loud it was in my head and trust me, BIG difference.

I could not help but smile and say to her in our minds "yes." i noticed that people where giving us weird looks so i decided to talk to her in real life instead "my name is Nick," i say holding out my hand.

"Laura," she said back shaking my hand. the hand she shook was the hand that had the necklace for when I pulled back the necklace was back in her possession. "thanks again"

i looked behind her to see what i think are her friends giggling and looking at us. "how long are you staying hear?" i asked, completely off topic.

"a few weeks maybe more," i guess she saw me glance at her friends because she looked back too "sorry about my friends and the whole necklace thing i owe you."

"well" i said "if you give me your number there is now harm done" i said it almost like a little kid, was my voice like that the whole time? if so she ignored it and laughed as i handed her my phone. she typed in the number and name then handed me HER phone and insisted that i put in my number. when i gave  her back her phone she smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and ran back to her friends who where still watching us!

she left me in shock i was actually think i liked her. like, like her like her. 

but my life came crashing down when something popped into my head. shit Sally! FML

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