Almost like a Dream

Laura and Nick are two 18 year old's that have something in common, mind powers. What will happen when these two powerful strangers meet at a resort in L.A? And what will Nicks girlfriend think of his and Laura's romantic bond? Wrote in a two person narrative, read the challenges they must overcome with help of there friends.


1. Laura

    I woke up to the sound of my phone. As I answered the call i glance at the time, who the hell was calling me a 8:30 am? "hello?" I said it week and scratchy. That's no suprise because I am definitely not a morning person.

    "Laura!" it was a perky tone of voice, and it took me a second to realise who it was. Bambi, my best friend. Just like me she's 18. I was shocked to hear her voice because none of my friends are are morning people. "You, me, and Steph. road trip in one hour. what do you think?"

    "Yeah sure! but where?"

    "This awesome resort, it just oppend a few months ago. it's a little east... So are you in?"

    "Definitely! one hour you say? Shit i gotta pack! Bye Bambi." She said bye back and I turned off the phone.


    Okay, I'm all packed. I'm actually super excited for this trip i have been so cott up in school that I have had no social life and now that i'm on break I have all the time to do anything I want... Well at least for the next three months.

    While I was packing all I could think of was my dream and what I was dreaming. I would never admit to anyone that I can tell the future or that i'm telepathic. I don't know why I was born a freak, I wish I did. My dreams tell me the future and I hate it. although I do love to speak with people in there minds because its hilarious to see there face expressions when I do it.

    A few minutes past and I herd a honk, but when I walked outside I didn't Bambi in her mini van. I saw her in a shiny black convertible. "Okay where and how the hell did you get that thing?!"

    "Well a little lone from my father helped!"

    Is that why you wanted to go on a road trip? I said to her in her mind

    "Stop that! You know I hate that Laura! And yes that is why I wanted to go on a road trip." she gave me a look that was half frightened and half annoyed. I laughed and put my long brown hair into a bun and sat shotgun. "Next stop is Stephs house and the resort seriously look at these pictures!" She handed me her cell and I looked at the picture. The place looked almost like tropical meets aquarium meets Hollywood I couldn't wait to get there.


    After one hour and 30 minuted of being in a care that had no bathroom, I didn't care about the resort anymore all I cared about was finding a place to take a piss, but that all changed when I walked into the hotel. My jaw was nearly on the ground from being open, everything was fancy but not the kind of fancy where you don't want to touch anything it was the type of fancy where it was ment for younger people not middle aged people. And suddenly my bladder was fine and now all I wanted to do was explore. I walked up a flight of stairs that overlooked the lobby. Just below where I was standing was a huge water fountain. Suddenly I saw something falling into the fountain I reached for my neck but I didn't feel anything and then my heart sank.


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