Almost like a Dream

Laura and Nick are two 18 year old's that have something in common, mind powers. What will happen when these two powerful strangers meet at a resort in L.A? And what will Nicks girlfriend think of his and Laura's romantic bond? Wrote in a two person narrative, read the challenges they must overcome with help of there friends.


3. girlfriend

What just happened? A kiss on the cheek? What was I thinking? He probably has a girlfriend! I checked down at my phone and where his contact is it read “Nick Reace :)”


I don't know why but I felt an instant connection with him, almost like I've met him before. The more I thought about him the more I felt bad. If he was like me when I was little then he must have gotten bullied a lot. I remember when that would happen to me I didn't have a mothers shoulder to cry on because she died while giving birth to me, to much blood loss I guess. My brother told me that after mom died dad went crazy and mentally abused us so I was forced to live with my brother Zeke and my grandmother. Zeke would try to comfort me but eventually gave up when I told him a billion times he “didn't know what I was going threw” and “it's a girl thing”. And now I could not help but think that maybe Nick felt the same way when HE was little.


“okay so what was that all about?!” the sound of Stephs voice startled me and I jumped in the air.


“Jesus Steph can't you tell I was having a moment?!”


“sorry just curious...”


“ya I think we're both curious as to what just happened!” pleaded Bambi.


I looked around and saw people everywhere I couldn't tell them here, somewhere public. “Ill tell you in a privet place... our room?” Bambi nodded her head and guided us to the elevator.


As expected the elevator was playing cheesy music. “8th floor please.” Bambi said to the elevator man. He then pressed the button that had the number 8 on it and the elevator went up.


* * *

once we where settled into our room I told them everything the eyes, the necklace, being telepathic, and telling the future. They looked at me with disbelief. “I'm not lying!” I screamed in there minds. I laughed at the reaction because they both put there hands to there heads.


“really twice in one day?” said Bambi


“okay we believe you!” yelled Steph she's not as used to hearing me inside her head so that probably hurt her head a bit. “so what now?”


“ I don't know I gave him my number but I don't know if he'll call or not” and just then my I-Phone started to vibrate. I looked down at the caller ID “holy shit it's Nick!”


“well answer it!” said Bambi


“okay shut up and I will,” they went quiet I put it on speaker phone and answered the number “hello?” I said acting like I didn't know who it was. It's been an hour, maybe two, since the whole “necklace problem".


“hi Laura it's Nick”


“oh, hey!” I felt silly saying that so I added “whats up?”


“ I just wanted to know if you wanted to grab some dinner tonight”


I looked up at my friends who where telling me to say yes without speaking. So I said “yeah that sounds cool, what time?”


“7:00,” he said


“okay see you then I guess” as I was about to hang up the phone I herd.


“wait what room number are you?!”


I laughed “ room H14”


“okay bye Laura”


“bye” I then pressed end. I looked up at my two friends, all of our faces where blank. And then we started jumping and screaming with joy. I haven't felt like this since I moved from Chicago to L.A


“Wait 7:00? it's already 1:13! that means we only have like 5 hours to shop!” said Steph in a conserve voice.


“ya but we have like another two weeks for shopping and what about the other 47 minutes?” I questioned


“Laura don't be stupid,” Bambi said in a sarcastic voice “a hot piece of ass just asked you out for dinner. We're going to make you look nice for this.”


* * *

we have spent a few hours shopping and it was time to go back to our room. The mall was attached to the hotel, it looked small on the outside but it went three floors underground and had soooo many stores. We only went to some of the stores and I can say that I spent over $400. it's a good thing that I save my money for special occasions like now because I got a lot of things and didn't even put a dent in my spending money.


I had exactly one hour to get ready so I had a power shower and when I got out I felt so refreshed. I got Steph to do my hair for me because she is amazing at hair, that's her job, she styles hair for models and actors so it's like I'm getting a Hollywood makeover for free! I did my makeup, I went for something more natural because I didn't like to hide my true self too much.


After my makeover I put on my dress. It was a sundress the color green, it had a sweetheart neckline with straps that where tide in a bow on my neck, the dress stopped right above my knees. I felt a little bare so I put on a white cardigan that went down to my elbow's. For my shoes I wore nude colored heels. When I looked in the mirror and saw my hair my jaw dropped. Stephanie had put my hair into a high ponytail, straitened the hair and curled the ends. It was simple but beautiful.


Soon enough there was a knock on the door.

“hi, is Laura there?” I could here his voice from the other room.


“yeah just a second...” then Bambi came to get me, she must have answered the door. “he's here.” she whispered and I was on my way out the door.


When I saw him my heart sank. Oh no, what are we going to talk about? What if everything is going to be awkward? What if he doesn't end up liking me? But when he saw me his eyes went wide from looking at me, and of course now I was blushing... “hey,” I said closing the door behind me


“hey” he said back. He didn't look too bad himself. His blackish brownish hair was messy and he was wearing a simple blue V-neck shirt and jeans.


As we where walking down the hall to the elevator I remembered when he asked me how long I was staying here so me and my curious mind said “ so how long are you staying here?”


“ I live here...” he said “my dad owns this place”




“yeah, you seem super suprised” he said


“ I am”


“in what way?”


“ it's just that when I picture rich kids I expect them to be spoiled and mean... but you don't seem like that, you seam nice and caring... but beside that it must be cool to live here.”


“ I guess you could say that... it's just that you get over it. And I never see my dad” his eyes went from a light purple to a deep dark purple. I could tell he didn't want to talk about that so I changed the subject.


“Where are we going?”


he looked at me and smiled “it's a surprise,”


as we walked out of the elevator I felt something soft but strong lace it's fingers with mine. With my heart now racing faster then a cheetah, we walked hand in hand to the restaurant.


“hope you like sea food,” he said in my mind


“my favorite” I read back to him


* * *

I don't know why I was so nervous about tonight. Nick is such a nice down to earth guy. There was never a moment where there would be an awkward silence. When Nick was in the bathroom a girl with curly blond hair came up to me, i've never seen her before. She put one hand on the table and one hand on her hip, and when I looked up at her face expression she looked angry at me.


And soon my dream kicked into mind, and I knew what was going to happen. So before she could open her mouth I did all the talking “save the lecture,” I say “ I know exactly who you are” I continued “Sally Dean, parents own several resorts with Nicks dad, lover of Nick Reace.”


“then I guess you get the point,” she said viciously “stay away from Nick or-”

“ya-ya 'or something bad will happen!'” I mocked


“don't say I didn't warn you” she turned around and started to walk away. But she stopped looked over her shoulder and said “freak.” I have to say, that hurt. Being called a freak still made me want to sob but I didn't. I just sat there with no emotion on my face. One thought was running threw my mind. Nick had a girlfriend.

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