One Way Or Another...

Nicole was a regular fan I guess, she was a bit high strong, and always hiding her feelings, one day she heads to a One Direction concert, accidentally bumping into one of the boys.
As he fights for her hand, she begins to find dirty secrets about the boys....
What will she find??? Will she end up with him?? and, which boy???

(WARNING: if you don't like real bromances, don't read!)


1. The Concert!!



hooooooooo!!!!" I screamed out the window as my best friend amber was driving down the road, only minuets from seeing my idols...!

Amber was one of those girls that everyone just automatically you fell in love with!! I have to admit she is very pretty. she could practically have ANY guy she wanted, she had strawberry blonde hair with bright blue eyes, almost as beautiful as Niall Horans.

"Hey Nicole, you better hope in the back and change, where almost there!" she screamed over the blasting radio. Rushingly I jumped into the back and changed into this: (

"OOOOOO!" Amber yelled, "someone's hot!" I giggled. "well, I bet you're gunna get Niall!" she winked

I just rolled my eyes at the thought of that. "whatever..." I said just as the car came to a stop in a VERY crowded arena. "ready?" she asked. "always." I mummed. she grabbed our backstage tickets and rushed insided we looked around at all these girls/guys faces. "whoa" I said. they had face paint, and glow sticks and they looked better then I did. I quickly regretted wearing this.



Later I found out that we would be able to go back and meet up with the boys, I couldn't stand still.

The best part was somehow we got to sit front row! There was a lot of chatter around us, I was quickly looking around to see if my other friends were around. just then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see my two friends Justin and May smiling like crazy at me. "Hey Beautiful!" both Justin and May said at the same time. I laughed at how they just glared at each other. we continued to laugh and talk about May and Justin's relationship.They were so ment for eachother, soon the lights started to die down. Just then May and Justin looked at me. they weren't really big fans, they just came, or so they say, to see me react around Niall.

Niall was my favorite, I mean dont get me wrong I truly love all the the boys a lot!!!!!!! but niall just.... made me feel... well, I dont know how to explain it. I guess whole??

'HEY GUYYYYYZZZ ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUN?!!?!?!"  I heard someone yell. Right then, the boys came out, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. My heart razed as I saw NIall. The real Niall... I cant belive it. A huge smile spread across my face.

The concert was coming to an end, but I must say it was very fun, May and Justin slow danced during a few of the slow songs, me and Amber practically fainted when Zayn winked at us and then poked Liam to look at us. The last song they sang was "She's Not Afraid"

After that me and Amber were lead to a back room to wait for the boys, there were a couple of other girls there too, we all talked for a bit. I was kind of upset they made us leave wen the boys were gunna talk to the crowd, but I guess meeting them will make up for it.

"Amber....." I mumbled. "what?" she questioned, knowing something's wrong. "I HAVE TO PEEEEEEEEEE!!" I yelled. I head a few people laugh in the back, she giggled and pointed me in the direction "I saw it on the way here."

Quickly I was running to the bathroom so I wouldn't miss the boys, I could hear them saying goodbyes. When I got out I had a text, I opened it while I was running to the line.


I was putting my phone back into my purse when it all went black. I was slowly opened my eyes hearing a bunch of noise and bickering. 'no, give her some room' said some said a voice, then another voice spat back at him asking, "Niaaaaall, you like whatcha seeeee??" someone giggled. wait. Niall??? I sat up quick just when someone studerd, 'I-I-I think so....'

"hmmmmm?" I moaned. I looked around and was happily shocked to see five amazing boys around me.   "Hi." said Louis, with a big smile, elbowing Niall. I looked at Niall who's face was probably a mirror of my own, mouth open frozen with shock. "what happened?" I questioned. I tried to stand up, but it just made me more dizzy. "whoa..." I commented.  "You bumped in to us and fell hitting your head really hard, and you might have broke your hand, trying to stop your fall...." Liam said.

"ooh." I whispered. I pulled out my phone with my good hand to see 12 missed messages all from Amber wonder where I am, and complaining about how the boys cant see us due to some 'accident'. i quickly looked at all of them and asked, "well, I didn't hurt any of you though, right??" Zayn answered first, "Surprisingly no, you didn't!"  I looked at my hand, it was very swollen, I tried to move it, but it hurt so bad.

The boys all helped me up and put me on a chair, Liam left to go call an ambulance, Niall just sat there staring at me, Zayn was on his phone, Harry and Louis were sitting in the corner whispering. "Sooooo....." I said, just noticing a pounding in my head. Niall walked out the door.

"well, um..." i said hurt. Zayn came close to me and whispered "Niall is just confused, don't worry dear. The ambulance is here, c'mon."



so, it turned out i broke my damn hand, now I fricken have to wear this large blue cast. I pulled out my phone and called Amber.

(so I'm too lazy to write it all, so A is for Amber and N is for niclole:)


N: " You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."  I smiled a Niall, who was smiling at me.


N:" Im at the hospital with One Direction..." she didn't say anything "hello?"

A: "want me to pick you up?"

N: "Um. No, im good..." Liam came up to me, i could tell he wanted to say something.

N: "Am, hold on..."

L: "Hey stranger, me and the boys were wondering if youd like to come over to our flats for a bit. We'd like to get to know more about you, before we send you off."

OMG, the boys want me to come over?!?!? I tried not to fangirl. "um, be right back.." i said as i walked over to a corner.

A: "you still alive babe?!"

N: "no, not really, they want me to come over... Im gunna, You wont mind one night alone, huh?"

A: " you better get something signed for me."

and with that i knew it was a yea, I ended the call and rushed over to Liam. "sure." I stated




Sorry if this beginning chapter was lame, im gunna make the next one waaay more interesting.

Love Yall

-Forever Kiara<3


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