One Way Or Another...

Nicole was a regular fan I guess, she was a bit high strong, and always hiding her feelings, one day she heads to a One Direction concert, accidentally bumping into one of the boys.
As he fights for her hand, she begins to find dirty secrets about the boys....
What will she find??? Will she end up with him?? and, which boy???

(WARNING: if you don't like real bromances, don't read!)


3. Sorting Things Out

I don't remember much of the rest of the night, I just remember that I kissed Niall....

I awoke next to Niall in his bed. Its true, he does look so young and sweet in his sleep. I started brushing my fingers across  his cheek. His eyes fluttered open, and  he held my hand on his cheek.

"Hi." I whispered. A smile crossed his face. "I wish I could pause this moment right here, right now." he said. I smiled and nodded in agreement. He closed his eyes for a bit, then sat up so fast I nearly jumped out of bed. "Nicole, you like... me?" he stuttered. My heart started skipping beats.

 "....yes..." I mumbled, next thing i knew, his lips were crushing mine. In between kisses he said, "Nicole. Will. You. Be. My Princess?"  I stopped and looked at him. "what's wrong?!?!" he freaked

 "Yes.... Of cores." i screamed. Niall started kissing me, and kissing me.


 "ughhhhhh" Niall growled, "come in." Then in came Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry.

"HI, HEY, OOOOOO, LOVEBIRDS!!" They all said at the same time. Hehe, I giggled.

Niall grabbed my hand and we started to talk in the living room, we talked about my past, his dreams, my likes, his job, and we just got to know eachother. After a long time, i looked at my phone, only to see that it was four in the afternoon. "oo, Niall babe, can you please drive me home! Im late for work..."

(her job is babysitting;)


Niall agreed to drive me home, and when we got there i found out that i was just on time, but Niall decided to stay, and help me.

I ran upstairs to change..... but when i came back......

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