Found By Him.

She Was Alone. Until He Found Her. Questions Went Through Her Head..... "Why Me? What Have I Done To Deserve This?" Will She Live Through It? Will She Just Die Or Will She Survive Because He Found Her? Read To Find Out My Princesses/Princes:) My First Movella! ~xXNiallersFoodWifeyXx


17. Getting Ready!

Getting Ready!


Maddi's POV

"Liz You Wanted To Go To The Party So Lego!" I Shouted To Her From Downstairs. "Give Me A Moment Babe!" She Shouted Back. We Usually Joke Around And Just Call Each Other Things That Normally Other Best Friends Don't Do. But, Thats What Makes Us Special! "How Do I Look, Baby?" She Asked, Extracting Me From My Thoughts.  "You Look Good, Girl, Now LEGOOOOO!'' I Anwsered back. I'm Wearing,  A Short Black Dress, With Red Pumps And Red Lipstick. I Had A Red Jacket That Went Aleast To The My Breasts And Matched My Pumps And A Red Little Purse That Hung Down From My Shoulder. Lizzy Is Wearing A Red Short Dress, With Black Pumps And Red Lipstick. She Had A Black Jacket That Went Aleast To Her Breasts And Matched Her Pumps, And A Little Black Purse That Hung Down From Her SHoulder.


*Party Is Next Chap!!!!*

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