Found By Him.

She Was Alone. Until He Found Her. Questions Went Through Her Head..... "Why Me? What Have I Done To Deserve This?" Will She Live Through It? Will She Just Die Or Will She Survive Because He Found Her? Read To Find Out My Princesses/Princes:) My First Movella! ~xXNiallersFoodWifeyXx


8. First Date! (Miall)

First Date! (Miall)


Maddi's POV


Tonight Is The Night!!!!! Ahhh!! Boo-Yaaaaaa!!! Yeah Baby!!!!!!! Niall Is Taking Me On A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! Wow Im Over Reacting A Lil! Haha How Weird Am I? A LOT! Okay Keep It Together Maddi!!!!Oh God Im Talking To Myself! Im Such A Freak!



Kay guys that's all from me!! Maybe Jen (AKA Co-Author)  Will Update!!! Bye Princesses/Princes!!!!!

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