Found By Him.

She Was Alone. Until He Found Her. Questions Went Through Her Head..... "Why Me? What Have I Done To Deserve This?" Will She Live Through It? Will She Just Die Or Will She Survive Because He Found Her? Read To Find Out My Princesses/Princes:) My First Movella! ~xXNiallersFoodWifeyXx


12. Da-Yummm



Niall's POV

OMG!! I Just Had Fucking Sex With Her!! On Our FIRST DATE! Pshhh, Who Cares SHe Loved And So Did I. She Snored Slightly Moaning My Name... I Think Im Falling Head Over Heels For This Girl!




Sorry Guys I Havent Updated For Couple Weeks...

My Dog Died, I Lost My ONLY BestFriend. Im Lost, Sorry Hope You Forgive Meh Tho!! Mwah My Darlings! (Also Need Co-Authors!! If You Have Over Atleast 4 To 5 Movellas Than Fan The Book And I'll Add Ya! Just Kik Me At: Maddi_Wilson_1D Also If You Have Lower Than 4,5 Books And Is Still Very Good At Writing Than Also Kik Me! If U Have No Kik Than Message Me; Or Just Comment Below!! Bye My Darlings!!)

~MaddiTheSexyBeast!! Mwah!

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