Found By Him.

She Was Alone. Until He Found Her. Questions Went Through Her Head..... "Why Me? What Have I Done To Deserve This?" Will She Live Through It? Will She Just Die Or Will She Survive Because He Found Her? Read To Find Out My Princesses/Princes:) My First Movella! ~xXNiallersFoodWifeyXx


11. Date Time!! Part 2

Date Time!! Part 2


Niall's POV

I started walking down to her room, I gave her to sleep in. I Knocked, And A Beautiful Maddi Came Out. She Had A Simple Outfit On. But Still Beautiful!! " Shall We?" I Asked Holding My Hand Out. She Replied Instantly "We Shall" Also Taking My Hand. I Intertwined My Fingers In Hers. God She Was So Beautiful I Just wanted To Eat Her Up Like She Was Nando's!!! How Cheesy Could I Get?? Oh Niall FOCUS ON MY DATE!!!


Maddi's POV


I Started To Get Ready. I Had Like 5 Min Left. I Crimped My Hair And Took A Piece And Braided It And Bobby-Pinned It To My Head/Hair. I Heard A Knock And In Front Of The Door Stood A Handsome Nialler!! ''Shall We?'' He Asked Rather Politely, Sticking Out His Hand. Me Being So excited Replied Instantly. "We Shall" I Said Excepting His Hand. He Intertwined His Fingers In Mine. How romantic!!


We Just Got Done Watching The Movies. We Walked Back To His Car. Then We Drove Back To The House. We Walked Into The Living Room. Then He said, ''Maddi, I Really Like You, And I Was Wondering If You..Um If You......If You'' ''If I Wanna Be Your Girl? OF COURSE!!!'' I Said, Finishing His sentence For Him. He Instantly Smiled And Kissed Me. Me Never Having My First Kiss, Was Shocked. At First I Just Sat Shocked And Then I Started Kissing Back. We Moved In Sinc. Then We Started To Get Rough And Before I Knew What I Was Doing I Was Ripping His Shirt Off As He Was Doing The Same. He Then Carried Me Up Stairs.




(A/N Cliff Hanger!! Love You All!!)

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