My Love for Tom Riddle

The story of Lord Voldemort and the only girl he ever loved. How she left his life, hating him, and what the Dark Lord was willing to do to win back her heart.


7. Someone's Dying Tonight

"You're not the boss of me," I say. I begin to back away. "No one is."

He mimics my movements, following me. "We'll see about that." He lunges for me as I start to teleport, grabbing onto me. Because of the unexpected weight I don't get far. I materialize in the graveyard and we land in a heap about the wet, dewy grass. 

"Milord!" I hear Bellatrix Lestrange call out. 

I look in the direction of her voice and see Bellatrix helping Voldemort to his feet. He appears quite winded. 

"What have you done to him?!" she hisses at me, whipping out her wand.

I roll to my feet. "It's the whole materializing thing. Molecules all breaking apart."

"You're not going anywhere!" Voldemort says.

"Well, whoooose gonna make me?"

"His lordship said you're not going anywhere!"

"My ears work perfectly well, thanks."

Voldemort points his wand at me. "You're staying right here."

"What are you gonna do? Kill me? Are you sure about that? That didn't work so well for you earlier." The adrenaline is getting to me and my blood's pumping. As scared as I am, I'm ready to fight. Someone's dying tonight.


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