Sinister Love

Chelsea is a sweet girl she'll do anything to protect her best friends Joey, sawer, and shane so when a guy threatens to take one away and hurt him what will she do? She is detirmined to protect him at all costs and risks her own life by protecting him.


1. Prologue

Chelsea's POV I walk in the room slowly and I saw his face his evil sinister face, his deep hot breath was the only noise filling the room "calm down babe and sit down" he said I guess he saw the nerves in my eyes then his words echoed in my head over and over agian 'do what I say or your precious Joey will be hurt' those words sent chills down my spine I slowly moved into the room "close the door behind you" his voice echoing the room I shut the door as soon as I was all the way in I gently layed in the bed and put the covers over me "you okay babe?" His hot breath close to my neck it sent shivers down my spine I just nodded my head. What had I done to make him to this to me I haven't done anything bad but I have to protect Joey at all costs he's my best friend and my boyfriend I can't let him get hurt, I felt his arm snake under my back and around my waist he then pulled me as close as he could to him and he kissed my forehead "I love you Chelsea" he said gently pecking my lips "I love you too Anthony " I said shaking I didn't even mean what I said I loved Joey not Anthony what did he want from me i was no prise or anything. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep so I wouldn't have to hear him but the last thing I heard was "good night thanks for being a good girl" then I fell asleep but before I was completely asleep I heard the door bust open but before I could think I was already fast asleep......
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