Sinister Love

Chelsea is a sweet girl she'll do anything to protect her best friends Joey, sawer, and shane so when a guy threatens to take one away and hurt him what will she do? She is detirmined to protect him at all costs and risks her own life by protecting him.


2. Back To School

Chelsea's POV I woke up ecstatic I was finally gonna see my friends again well I only had three but they were all I needed and if anyone hurt them I'd hurt that person even worse cause if I lost them then I would die they were all I had so ill protect them at all costs. I changed into my skinny jeans and simple purple t-shirt and walked down stairs then fixed bacon for me to eat as soon as I finished fixing it and eating it I slipped on an Aeropostale jacket and some white converses, I walked out of my house and started to walk to school then a blue van pulled up next to me and it was Joey, sauyer, and shane. "Wanna ride?" Joey said and I nodded then hopped in the car and was sitting next to shane "hey Chelsea" shane said as he hugged me "hi shane" I said as I hugged him back "I missed you" shane said "I missed you too" I said, I knew shane didn't have any other friends but us i was the one who introduced him to them and he was glad I did, "we missed you more" sauyer and Joey said as I giggled "no way!!" Shane yelled as I laughed harder.   Shane's POV I missed her so much more than she will ever know I sorta have a huge crush on her but I could tell Joey and her like eachother and I won't stand in the way of that so she'll never no if I like her cause I'm not gonna tell her. "Fine all of y'all missed me!" She yelled out in laughter "yep we all did" I said with a slight giggle and a huge smile "I'm glad y'all are my friends expectually you shane you were my friend before anyone of them ill always have a specail spot in my heart for you" she said with a huge smile I was friend zoned so I honestly have no chance with her but that's ok, she hugged me tight and I hugged back soon we arrived at school and Joey, Chelsea, and sauyer went to their class and I went to mine.   Joey's POV I walked to class with sauyer and Chelsea my two best friends I've missed them so much and I've been so bored without them so i was glad to talk to them again, when we got to class we sat together and chatted "how was y'all's summer?" I asked them "it was fun but I bout killed a b*tch when she said she was nialls girlfriend though" sauyer said and me and Chelsea laughed "my summer was cool but not as cool as it would've been if I was with you" she said with a huge grin me and sauyer hugged her then the teacher came in and we all tried to listen but it was funny when the teacher said 'when a line goes in one direction....' A girl screamed 'i love one direction!!!' We all laughed our butts off. When it was lunch time we met up with shane and ate, soon it was time to go home it was a quik day I went to theater and got the lead role for the school play and everyone was so happy for me but I was sad cause it was senior year and I would have to graduate and leave all my friends for college but that was far away so I tried not to let it bother me I walked home, ate dinner and walked to my room and fell asleep to some simple tunes.
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