Lets say forever?

This was the day. The day that you had been waiting for in 8 months. This was the day, you were going to see your biggest idol live on stage, for the very first time.

You were going with your best friend. Your best friend wasn't the biggest Belieber, but you always had such a great time with her, so therefor she was an obvious choice to take with you to the concert.

This day was the best day of your life, and little did you know that one moment could change your life forever.....


3. The Time Of Our Life

"No, You're joking"

"No, no! I'm dead serious he said: Meet me her 11:30!" You said trying to convince your best friend.

"SERIOUSLY!? OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" Your best friend squealed.

"I know! I'm fangirling so hard inside of me!" You squealed with her.

"But it's a secret, nobody's gonna know anything about this!"

Your best friend got up from the ground and opened her arms. You quickly got up and gave her the biggest hug you had ever given her.

"I'm so freaking happy for you" Your best friend said.

You couldn't do anything but just squeal at the top of our lungs. A teardrop ran down your cheek. You pushed your best friend away from you, taking her hands.

"We're gonna do this!"

Wiping your tears away from your cheeks, you started to run towards the stadium hand in hand. While standing in line, you could feel the excitement building up inside you. 

You and your best friend had gotten Golden Circle tickets, and you were some of the first people in line. The doors opened and it felt like hundreds of bottle rockets going of in your stomach. Suddenly you feel people start to push really hard, and all you could think about was to run, you grabbed your best friends hand and you ran as fast as you could.

It was like the movie 'The Hunger Games' Girls were grabbing each others hair just to get forward. Girls fell, screamed and cried. It was like a zoo in here. But luckily you and your best friend got to be on first row, right by the runway where you could see everything. Suddenly a wave of people comes towards you. A lot of girls tried to push you away, pull your hair and almost bulldoze over you. Suddenly you felt a rush of pain in your face, your heart started to beat fast, you could feel the anger building up in you. A girl almost knocked you out, but you were quick on your feet, and got up quickly. But your best friend was already over her.

"Just leave her alone! She's not worth it!" you yell angrily.

"I'll get you next time!" you hear you best friend yell, before the girl disappeared in the huge crowd of screaming girls.

You wrapped yours arms around the fence, so you were unmovable. 

After an hour the whole stadium was filled with people, people kept pushing and pushing, and you found it kind of hard to breath, because of the heat from the amount of people in the stadium. Girls fainted, was in shock and cried their eyes out, but you decided that, you just couldn't be one of those girls, at least until the show started. 

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!!!"  

The screams were unbelievably loud, they came like a wave over you. You could feel the tears in your eyes, and suddenly they just came streaming down your cheeks. The thought of how far he'd come in such short amount of time, just got to be too much for you. You just let go of all your feelings. It all just came out as a tidal wave. It was now you really understood how much that kid meant to you. You loved him. And you would always do, no matter what. This was the best night of your life.



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