My Very Dear Diary (Can Anybody Hear The Sarcasm?)

This is my life day by day. I hope this helps you get to know this little miss author better and helps me to get to tell what I actually have inside. People around me usually think I'm funny and pretty cool but inside I'm actually romantic but broken. I wanna share that side. With you...


1. Author's Note




***A/N: All of the people in this diary really do exist. For safety, in case if one of those people find this diary, I will use different names with the actual first letter.


I don't know if it's too much, but if you have time or just wanna help I'm always open to suggestions on what should I do about love/friends/family issues. This young lady needs a lot of help in more or less everything :)



I love and love and love you as always,

Your Anonymous Laughter...

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