Allie Jensen was your average cheerleader. She was blond, blue eyed, and despite her stereotype of being dumb, she was actually smart. When a new guy arrives at her school, she develops feelings that she has never felt with other guys. To her, he is a mystery. He eventually reveals his secret to Allie, knowing that she would be in danger. To him, she is the only girl he could trust. Her friends tell her that he is bad news, but Allie doesn't listen to them and continues to fall for the guy even more. Unlike some people, Allie found the good in him.


11. Lukas' Secret

It had been two weeks since Allie and Ethan had gotten back together. Allie knew something wasn't right with Lukas. He hadn't talked to anyone since she got back with Ethan. She had to talk to him, even if it meant that he ignored her. She knew it wouldn't hurt to try.

Allie found him sitting against a tree on the quad. She walked over and sat down beside him. "You okay?" she asked. Lukas looked over at her, then looked away. He didn't want to talk to her. But he knew Allie well. "What do you want?" he asked. "You know it's clear that I'm not okay."

"I know this is about Ethan and I." she said.

"Allie, I'm not going to bother you anymore. I can see that you're finally happy to be with Ethan. I'm okay with us being just friends." He got up and then walked away, leaving her sitting alone on the quad. Allie had never seen Lukas so hurt before, and she wanted to help him be okay again.

"What's wrong with him?" Ethan walked up to her, sitting down. Allie shrugged, "I've never seen him like this." she said.

"Whatever he's going through, he'll get over it Allie." he said. Allie knew that Ethan could be right. Though, she couldn't fully trust his words because a part of her was pushing her to find out more about Lukas' actions.

Every single day when Allie tried to approach Lukas the moment she saw him, he just walked away from her. Even in class he ignored her and talked to other people in the class. Questions ran through her mind and she knew that there had to be one other person to see Lukas acting in this manner.

Allie approached Rae at the table where they were sitting for lunch and asked to speak with her alone. "Why not Laila?" Rae asked her. Allie eventually persuaded Rae to go outside to talk with her while everyone else sat down at the table.

"It's about Luke. I've never seen him like this before." Allie said.

"He's always depressed. We keep telling him to get a girlfriend. He's not interested in Laila and clearly he's not interested in me either. I see him talking to all these other girls, but he says he's not into them." Rae said.

"Who's he interested in?" Allie asked.

Rae shrugged, "That's the problem. We don't know. He keeps shutting us out every time we ask him and we all think that you should be the one who could encourage him to speak up about it."

"Me? Why me?"

"Allie, you're pretty much our last resort. You've been hanging out with Lukas all summer, except for the last three weeks before school started. Lukas has been going out to his 'secret' place lately in the forest. I don't know where that is, but I'm pretty sure he's told you.

"I hate to say this, but you're like family to us now. As much as I say I don't like you, I really don't. I just don't want anyone stealing Colton because he sure had his eyes on you since the day you met us." Rae said.

"I promise I'm not going to steal Colton from you. He's not my type." Allie said.

Rae smiled, "Good. I thought so. Please just do us a favor and talk to Lukas."

"I will do my best." Rae hugged Allie, thanking her before walking inside. Allie had never been accepted into a family before, except for Charlotte's family. To Allie, Ethan and the rest of them were like her second family and she loved spending time with all of them.

Later that evening, Allie decided to go to Lukas' secret spot that Rae had mentioned. Allie did remember Lukas taking her there once before. He told her his whole life story when they were just lying on the grass, looking up at the stars.

"What are you doing here?" Lukas asked, turning around as soon as she reached the edge of the meadow. It was a beautiful area. It was a large circular green meadow with tall oak trees surrounding the area.

"I came to talk to you." Allie answered.

"There's nothing to talk about." he said, then laid down on soft grass. Allie walked over and laid down beside him. "Rae tells me that you're shutting them out." she said.

"I'm not shutting them out." He looked over at her as she raised an eyebrow. "Tell me Lukas." She propped herself up onto her elbow, resting her head on her hand. Lukas sighed, looking up at the sky.

It was a beautiful night. The moon was high in the sky and the stars were glistening against the black silhouette. Allie didn't move from her position as she looked at him, just wondering what he was thinking about.

"I can't stand to be around you." he said. The statement came to Allie as a shock. She sat up, looking at him. "What?" she asked. Lukas sat up and said, "Don't take this the wrong way Allie. I literally can't stand to be around you when Ethan's around.

"The way he looks at you, holds you in his arms. You simply light up every time you see him. It kills me inside knowing that you both found each other. You two have a love that I wished for my entire life. I also can't stand to be without you.

"Without you, my life is empty. It's like a part of me that's missing and no other girl can fix it. I tried to talk to other girls, but none of them interest me. Every girl I seem to talk to, every thought that I have always flood back to you.

"You're always on my mind Allie and the three weeks at the end of the summer were the toughest three weeks of my life. I hated leaving you alone, knowing that Ethan hadn't come back. You mean everything to me, and you can tell me I'm crazy or that you're in love with Ethan. I know you're in love with him and I'm okay with the fact that I'm crazy.

"I'm just crazy about you."

Allie couldn't believe the words that were coming out of Lukas' mouth. Had all of the things he had been saying true? Was he really crazy about her? "Those three weeks were hard for me too, and the summer could've been much tougher if you weren't around." she said.

She had to admit that Lukas had been there for her since Ethan had left the first time during spring break. She had to give credit to Lukas for everything that he's done for her. "You've done everything for me Luke and I want to repay you somehow." she added.

"No, you don't have to." Lukas said, standing up. Allie stood up along with him, reaching to touch his face. He didn't retreat away from her as he turned to look at her. She caressed his cheek, looking into his eyes. "But I want to." she said. "This is my way of saying that I'm crazy about you too."

She leaned in and kissed his lips. Lukas wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. After a few minutes, they pulled away to catch their breath. "Stay with me?" he asked. "Just for a little while."

Allie nodded as they both sat down on the grass. Lukas wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. It was the most memorable night the two ever shared together. Both hadn't noticed the one person that saw everything unfold before his eyes. Ethan.

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