Goin down or moving to the top?

Apple and windows try to team up and take over human kind...... will there plan fall short and die? Or will there plan go all the way? what will happen if it does? Who does this put in the hot seat? Why isn't the government doing anything? Better question to ask who is running the government?


12. What's done is done

"Dylan! Wake up!",screamed Ariana while shaking Dylan. "What the hell!",exclaimed Dylan waking up. "Oh it's you,hey! I feel normal!" "You did it!",exclaimed Dylan. "What's wrong?"asked Dylan as he stroked Ariana's cheek. "There dead and everything they worked for is gone! We lost them!", said Ariana quickly. "Who's dead and what got lost?",asked Dylan. "Our parents are dead and everything they worked for is gone.",said Ariana before braking down into tears. "Are you serious?",asked Dylan with tears in his eyes. Ariana nods her head yes,and they sit there crying into each others arms. "Who could do something like this?",asked Dylan hours later as he was making a sandwich in the Sim's huge kitchen, with new appliances. "Oh my god!",said Ariana looking at the tv screen. "What!",said Dylan running to the tv with a turkey and cheese sandwich in his left hand. "No way!",said Dylan as the sandwich bits fell out of his mouth. On the tv screen people were suspecting Nurse Hills the same lady that killed Mr.Priness killed Mr.Sim and Mrs.Wicker. Interesting enough though Mr.Sim and Mrs.Wicker were engaged to each other. Also we found footage from that night from one of the cameras that the person responsible for the damage did not notice to turn off and the footage shows, Mr.Sim and Mrs.Wicker dying as they held hands and Nurse Hills killing them. Then, you can barley hear but it says: When you die I promise no harm to your kids. Then Mr.Sim said that the kids will be staying with Mr.Sim's sister. What does this mean? Also  upcoming there is a new tv show about cats flushing-Ariana turned off the tv with shock. "Woah, I'm shocked and scared",said Dylan. "I'm scared."said Ariana. "We all are but together we will make it to endless possibilities.",said Dylan. "We just have to trust each other.",said Dylan and Ariana at the same time. "Not to be a snoop but I saw your laptop and on it there were a ton of formulas." "What were you planing?"asked Dylan. "I'll show you some other day but for now we wait.",said Ariana.

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