Goin down or moving to the top?

Apple and windows try to team up and take over human kind...... will there plan fall short and die? Or will there plan go all the way? what will happen if it does? Who does this put in the hot seat? Why isn't the government doing anything? Better question to ask who is running the government?


10. Goodbye's

"Hello Mr.Sim.",said Mrs.Wicker as she opened the door into her house. "You are driving me crazy please answer my question!"exclaimed Mr.Sim. "Yes! I will marry you.",gushed  Mrs.Wicker "Really? Wow great!"said Mr.Sim. "Would you like some wine?"asked Mrs.Wicker "Don't mind if I do, Do you have red?"asked Mr.Sim with a gleam in his eye. "Of course I do.",said Mrs.Wicker as she poured the glass and started walking upstairs and Mr.Sim followed. "So When are we going to tell the kids.",said Mrs.Wicker. "Do we have to.", said Mr.Sim kissing Mrs.Wicker gently on the lips followed by many more kisses. "Yes we do but right now there at a festival.",said Mrs.Wicker. "Well then we will have to wait won't we?",said Mr.Sim while he kept kissing her on the lips and neck. "Yes we will.",said Mrs.Wicker as her phone and Mr.Sim's phone flashed a red light and a siren sound. "We have to go something's wrong with the winpple building!",shouted Mr.Sim over the noise. "I'll drive, go to your car!",shouted Mrs.Wicker as she turned off the alarms, got her jacket on and hopped into the car with Mr.Sim at her side. They raced to the winpple building. There were red lights flashing everywhere all around the building but the alarm was shut off. They walked into the building cautiously.The second they walked into the building they were surrounded by the chip related S.W.A.T. team. Who all had guns pointed towards Mr.Sim and Mrs.Wicker. Today is the day you will die,for turning us into your slaves. "What are you talking about?",asked Mrs.Wicker acting all innocent. "We are stronger then the chip we can deflect the messages of our brain telling us what to do or say or the actions you want us to take.",said  the S.W.A.T team director. "That wasn't us! Please believe us!",panicked Mrs.Wicker. "Someone told us the truth,and you are not going to stand in our way.",said the S.W.A.T team director "Who?", asked Mrs.Wicker. "Me!"said Nurse Hills coming out of a control room. "Did you honestly think you would get away with this?",exclaimed Nurse Hills. "You had Penelope shoot me!" "I'm her mother! Today is your day to die!",roared Nurse Hills. "Wait! If someone has to die only choose one of us we want the other one to watch after our kids.",said Mrs.Wicker as she was crying. "Fine! Who shall die?",asked Nurse Hills? "If you kill her I want to die too.",said Mr.Sim. "Works for me!" "When you guys die I promise no harm to your kids.",said Nurse Hills. "Ariana and Dylan can go live with Ariana's aunt and uncle they have always wanted kids.",Whispered Mr.Sim. "I love you.", mouthed Mrs.Wicker and with that they fell to the ground never to speak again, but they still were holding hands as they passed.  

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