Goin down or moving to the top?

Apple and windows try to team up and take over human kind...... will there plan fall short and die? Or will there plan go all the way? what will happen if it does? Who does this put in the hot seat? Why isn't the government doing anything? Better question to ask who is running the government?


9. All hell breakes loose

"Oh my gosh what is she doing here?",exclaimed Penelope as Dylan and her were approaching Ariana. "Ariana you look really nice.",said Dylan as his eyes glistened in sight of Ariana wearing a tank top dress with a white chiffon bodice with a overlaying ruffle/flap, with a burgundy lace skirt bottom, brown braided belt, and cowgirl boots. "Thanks, you guys look nice too.",said Ariana blushing at Dylan in his jeans,huge belt buckle, red plaid shirt, and cowboy hat. "I love how you guys are matching.",said Ariana. "Well that's what you do when you love your boyfriend.",said Penelope while kissing Dylan on the lips. "Okay, who's car are we taking?" said Dylan while withdrawing from the kiss. "What do you mean,were leaving we just got here?" "Oh my god! Are you actually leaving me for that thing?"screamed Penelope as everyone starred at her. "Penelope you are coming with us, we need to tell you something.",said Ariana "No! I'm not going anywhere especially not with you!" Shouted Penelope. "Penelope we can do this the easy way or the hard way.", whispered Ariana "Bring it.",said Penelope with a sassy tone. "Penelope your shoes untied.", said Ariana. "What?",asked Penelope as she bent over Ariana kicked her in the head and knocked her out. "What the hell did you do?",exclaimed Dylan. "Follow my lead,pick her up and carry her over your shoulder.", said Ariana as Dylan did what he was told. "Oh my god thank god that we found her!" "I can't believe she was at the pub!" "Do you see how drunk she got!" "She's knocked out cold!",exclaimed Ariana as people started staring at her. The second she said that people looked away like it was no big deal. "Oh wow Ariana is that you?",asked Greg. "Shit!"exclaimed Ariana while popping a piece of gum in her mouth. "What's wrong?",asked Dylan. "Walk close with me.",Whispered Ariana with fear in her eyes   "Who are ya",said Ariana taking like a bratty girl. "Baby I know you from miles away come here.",said Greg slurring his words. "Excuse meh? I don't know who you are get away from meh.",exclaimed Ariana. "Come here!",said Greg pulling her close and bending Ariana's arm. "Stop it!",said Ariana firmly. "Dude her name isn't Ariana it's Lillian.",said Dylan "Oh,sorry you look a lot like my ex that I want to kill.",said Greg angrily while letting Ariana go. "Why, what did she do to you?",asked Dylan. "We went out and then she left me just like that and I don't know where she is.",said Greg while he was crying. "I remember it was in the 8th grade we were dating and she was the first person I ever loved and now I don't know where she is."said Greg as he was crying even harder. "Well,I'm going to go back to the pub do you wanna come?", asked Greg whipping his tears. "Sorry we can't we have to get our drunk friend home.",said Dylan while pointing at Penelope. "Okay, sorry about the arm though.",said Greg as he stumbled off. "Ariana are you okay?" asked Dylan as he pulls up in Ariana's driveway. "I'm fine, my father is working late with your mother so he's not home.", said Ariana. "What about Penelope?",asked Dylan "It's better if she's knocked out,that way we will have no problems taking the chip out.",said Ariana. "Ariana, I'm scared",said Dylan. "Dylan it will be okay,I promise.",said Ariana while taking Dylan's hand and pulling it close to her heart. They all got out of the car and picked up Penelope and walked into the house. "Nurse Molly are you home?"shouted Ariana as she walked towards the kitchen counter. There was a note that said I got today off see you tomorrow honey, love Nurse Molly. "Shit!",exclaimed Ariana showing Dylan the note. "What do we do know?",asked Dylan. "I'll do it myself."said Ariana. "What! Are you crazy!"exclaimed Dylan. "Dylan you have to trust me I'll do Penelope first, it's our only hope.",said Ariana looking Dylan straight in the eyes. "Okay, fine but if it doesn't go well with her then I'm not doing it.",said Dylan. "Okay fair enough.", said Ariana as she walked to the nurses room. "Lay her down here, there may be some small side effects first but then she will be fine." "Wait in that room over there." ,said Ariana as she pointed to a room with purple walls and a sleek white laptop on a glass desk. Dylan opened the laptop and was shocked don what he found.  He couldn't believe it.

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