The story telling of the madhaus

Well, this is written in my own weird English, after all i am dyslexic. So bear with me but I hope you will enjoy, these stories Anyways..


3. The little black sheep..

when ever you come across, 

A black sheep (there is more to the story than I tell)

A coffin (this is a story who may or may not be real)

or A reversed cross (this is the symbol of th dark side)


This story is our first black sheep. 

There is not must to say, I may admit that. 

"Just confess, what you have done " you may think, But I never really did something wrong. However I will still Admit that happen change a lot of things. 


"WHAT EVER" The vampire says, And the blood runs from the shape and pionted teeth.

That 'vampire' took abig bite of a friendship, but the 'vampire' had a friend who lay in the shadows long before, the teeth of the 'vampire' took the bite. 

That friend has been arond long before. Just laying there in the shadows and wait fror someone of os to do something, that will make the 'vampire' come. 

And it did when one of os hurt the others. 

The smell of fresh blood 

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