The story telling of the madhaus

Well, this is written in my own weird English, after all i am dyslexic. So bear with me but I hope you will enjoy, these stories Anyways..


4. Moonligth Jack A reversed cross

this story has  A reversed cross


In a place long away in a world long forgotten lived a girl, this girl was not normal in anyway but no one knew about the girl. Because no one have seen the girl.

She was what you and I may call a ghost. But she didn’t know, because no one never told her what she was,

“How come mommy and daddy never notice me? “ she say and look at them.

“Don’t they like me anymore?” She cried and screamed but no one would hear her atlist no one almond the living would, never has they to hear her voice cry out for them.   

And a ghost who seek the attention of the living will over time become dark, and the end turned evil.

This girl turned evil over a time of seks years,

She became a whispering demon.

But this demon did not keep one whispering she cry just like our ghost did, she screamed, blood started running and darkness came to mankind.

In those nights someone heard the demon cry,

This someone not living nor was he dead.

He was cursed to be something in between those two things.

The vampire round the demon.

The vampire smiled and said something to the demon

That night the vampire slipped a golden key into the hands of the demon.

“Now you can go home”

“Home “ she cry “What do you mean with home ? “ She screamed

“I mean you can go home to were you belong, if you will” he sat down in front of the girl, and laid his hands on her head.

“So home you say? Where is it? “ Now he had her attention, the smiled on the cursed ones lips told a deferent story, that I did to the demon.

“Find a door only you can see, take the key and go. “ the smiled has still there

And then he left.

A door

She found that door under a full moon, in the fall of 1888

Then she went thought that door, she became human, without knowing.

The demon, ended up in London in the year of Jack the ripper.

Ones again she meets the vampire

“Welcome home my little one”

And She died, right there under the full moon, in London, in the year 1888.

She fell victim to Jack, who has giving the name of the Ripper.


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