The story telling of the madhaus

Well, this is written in my own weird English, after all i am dyslexic. So bear with me but I hope you will enjoy, these stories Anyways..


2. I'll welcome you

"COME FALL" the demon says, and it lays in the shadows. But I didn't fall, at least not the first time, after all I was weak. Bu we all learn from our mistakes. 

However, every time I hear the demon whisper, I'm afraid I'm gonig to fall ones again. On the other hand it seems like I have become strong. and I'm still afraid for that whispering voice, but I have no choice but to listen and ignore it. 

Even though I know that it's better to ignore it I can't do it all the time. 

So welcome to the Madhouse. to the world of whispering demons and vampires, mosters, horrer and fear. But there is also deep desire, This is a place were animals are the one who thinks. 


Welocme to my head

 my mind is your playground

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