The Unspoken Words [*Zianourry*]

Niall is a young boy being mistreated by his dad, finally he decides to run out. He is found by the Mayne family. They are to worried to leave him alone, so he ends up going home with him.Taking care of Niall stirs something up but will it help him?

My friend, Juila, wrote the info for me because she's awesome like that! Okay, I got this idea off many Zianourry fan fics I can't remember what fanfics xD. I know "Niam Family" off Wattpad. Liam and Zayn, parents. Harry, 13. Louis, 8. Niall, only 6. Liam is Papa. Zayn is daddy. Notice how its daddy nothing else ;)
And I have slow updates sorry. I live with my dad and he doesn't have internet :\ I try to come to my mom's a lot.


2. Chapter Two

Zayn was in the kitchen fixing his sons snacks before he had to go pick them up. They were always hungry when he picked them up. He gave them enough food for lunch which is why he's confused on why they're always hungry. He looked over at the clock. 1: 45.

"I better get going." Zayn said to himself and put the sandwiches in the frigorater.

He put his shoes on and grabbed his jacket. He pulled the door shut after locking it. He unlocked his car while walking down the short five steps. He jumped into his car and pulled out turning on the radio. Forever Young started to play and he sang along while driving to his son's school. There was a little park he would past. He looked over at it at a stop light.

"What the..." He said looking over at the bench.

He couldn't make out what it was. The trees were shading over it which made it where you could barely see the bench at all. He heard cars honks behind him and he saw the light had changed green. He drove off wondering what it could be. I'll have to drive past it again. He thought to himself. He drove in front of the school and saw his little Lou bounce in joy as he saw his daddy.  Zayn smiled and opened the door for Louis.

"Hey Lou. How was your day?" Zayn asked while driving again.

Louis went on about how he got to do finger painting. He was in the second grade. Harry was in the 7th. As they were going past the park, Zayn pulled in the parking lot.

"Ohh! Yay! Why are we at the park daddy?" Louis asked while jumping out the car with Zayn.

"Gimme your hand. And because I saw something..."

They walked over to the bench. Zayn gasped at what he saw and Louis looked at his daddy confuse.

"Daddy is that a person? Is he alive?" Louis asked as Zayn picked him up and walked faster to the bench.

"Yes love it's a person.." Zayn didn't know how to answer the second question.

He placed Louis down and got on his knees in front of the little boy. The little boy was facing the other direction and was shaking. He saw his body was moving from breathing, barley. He put his hand softly on the little one's arm. He was ice cold. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around him. He picked him up and tried not to wake up. He got the small boy in his arms.

"C'mon boobear." Zayn whispered and reached for his hand.

The little blonde was laying his head on Zayn's chest. They got in the car and Zayn started it to turn on the heat. He grabbed his phone out. He pressed his husband's name and waited for him to answer.

"Hey babe." Liam answered happily.

"Liam, I found this little boy and he looks awful! He's freezing! He has bruises everywhere Liam." Zayn was about to cry looking at the little boy thinking what if it was his.

"What? Where did you find him?" Liam asked over the other line.

"On that bench near Louis' school. I think he may be four? He's really tiny." Zayn held back his tears.

He was heartbroken to see such a young boy in this state.

"Alright. Stay at the park I'm coming. Make sure he stays warm, okay? Love you."

"Love you too Liam." He hang up.

The little boy started to wake up. He looked up at Zayn with big blue eye.

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