The Unspoken Words [*Zianourry*]

Niall is a young boy being mistreated by his dad, finally he decides to run out. He is found by the Mayne family. They are to worried to leave him alone, so he ends up going home with him.Taking care of Niall stirs something up but will it help him?

My friend, Juila, wrote the info for me because she's awesome like that! Okay, I got this idea off many Zianourry fan fics I can't remember what fanfics xD. I know "Niam Family" off Wattpad. Liam and Zayn, parents. Harry, 13. Louis, 8. Niall, only 6. Liam is Papa. Zayn is daddy. Notice how its daddy nothing else ;)
And I have slow updates sorry. I live with my dad and he doesn't have internet :\ I try to come to my mom's a lot.


15. Chapter Fourteen

-Ryder's P.O.V-

I pulled up to the shit hole I lived in. I looked back at niall. He was curled up in a ball and looking at me with those fucking blue eyes like my wife use to have. I'm going to revenge her. Fuck, wait! I can't beat his ass. They would see the new marks. I got out if the car and walked over where Niall was.

"Let's go!" I grabbed his collar of his jacket and he screamed.

I put my hand over his mouth. "Shut the fuck up you twat."

I walked into the house then locked the door.

"You are so lucky I can't hit you." I thought for a minute.

I threw him the floor with a thud. He cried out in pain.

"Hey! You need to stop that shit!" I got on my knees.

I tugged on his button pants. Where the fuck did he get these gay ass clothes? Probably those faggots. I threw off the pants. I grabbed onto one of his thighs and put pressure on it. He started to whimper. Pressed harder and he let out a cry.

"Stop crying you pussy."

How big was the brown hair hands' again? I remember he was the fucker that gave me the bird. He doesn't understand what this fucker did. I moved my hand a little higher to make it look like it was the brown hair one that did this. I removed my hands from his thighs. They were now red and you could see a hand prints. At least got some of my anger out. I groaned in anger.

"You are so lucky dammit. Can't wait until I get to beat the living shit out of you." I picked him up and threw him in his room.

-Third Person P.O.V-

Niall looked up at his father as he closed the door. He started to cry, he was back to this again. Niall climbed onto the bed rubbing his thighs. They hurt a lot now and were turning purple. He laid his head on the pillow and tried to fall asleep so he wouldn't feel the pain in his thighs, like he did most times whenever he got hurt.

*Back at police station*

"Haaaaz! I'm hungry! Where's daddy?" Louis rolled on the floor, wanting food.

Harry shrugged. He honestly didn't know where his fathers were. Harry was thinking about Niall the whole time.

Why did Niall's dad have him again? Are they stupid? Harry thought to himself. If he hurts Niall anymore I will kill him.

Harry got very protective over the few weeks. Niall really was like a little brother, like louis. Niall and louis did a lot of things together. A woman walked in. She was really young and had brown long curly hair.

"Are you Harry Mayne?"

Great more questioning.

Harry nodded as the woman walked over to him and louis. "I'm Danielle. I'm going to help your fathers."

Harry smiled. "Can we see them?"

"I'm sorry, but no you can't. They don't want you to get near to your dad's because of what they think happen." She sat in a chair and crossed her legs.

"What do they think happen?" Harry was confused at this. What could've happen that they had to be taken in jail?

"Well for one, they think they kidnap Niall."

"You said for one?"

Louis walked over to Danielle. "Um. I can't really say the second part with little Lou hanging around."

Harry nodded. He was trying to think of what it could be that Louis want suppose to hear it?

"So if we can't see our dad's-"

"I wanna see daddy and papa!" Louis cut Harry off. Louis had a mad face on, which honestly, looked really cute.

"Where are we going to?" Harry finished his question.

"They told me that you're suppose to be going with me."

Harry thought that would be awkward. Harry looked at Louis who was staring at Danielle. Harry heard his phone go off all of a sudden.

*Where are u guys? I got some cute clothes from jc pennys for Niall* it was from Aunt Perrie.

*We're at the police station dad and papa were excused for 'stealing' Niall* he sent back.

He saw it was six thirty nine.

"When are we leaving to go to your house?" Harry asked.

"Now, actually. That's why I came in here."

Harry nodded.

*thats crazy! I'll be there soon*

"Well our Aunt is on the way."

"Oh, okay." She smiled.

"Do you have any food?" Louis asked, playing with the suspenders he wore.

Danielle laughed "I'm sorry I don't." Louis grunted.

He wanted food! Minutes later, he saw Aunt Perrie walking by the room. Perrie looked through the window and saw Harry's curling hair. She walked and that's when she saw Danielle.

"Hey, I know you." Perrie pointed her finger at Danielle. "You're Danielle! You were one of the cheerleaders!" Perrie laughed.

"Oh my gosh. Perrie? I haven't seen you in forever."

Harry felt very awkward! His aunt and the stranger knew each other and seemed to be checking up on things. "

So did you and who was it? Zach?"


"Yeah! Did you two ever get marry?" Perrie laughed.

"No, no. He ended up being gay."

Danielle looked shocked "really? Wait, is his last name Mayne now?" Danielle grabbed a folder that Harry never noticed.

"Yeah?" Perrie was confused.

"Look at these." Danielle handed Perrie a paper.

Perrie's eyes moved back and forth as she read.

"What! He wouldn't rape his own children!"

Harry was taken back. What? They thought his dad's raped him? That was it! What Danielle didn't want to say in front of 'Little Louis'.

"I know, so that's why I have to help them." Danielle looked over at Harry.(Up until now everything was written on my iPod)

"Hazza, what does rape mean?"

Harry did not want to answer that. Harry looked over at his aunt with a 'Help me!' kind of face.

"Uh, hey Lou! Let's go get somethin' to eat." Perrie grabbed Louis' hand walking out. "

That was a close one..."

*With Liam*

"No! I did not do that! That is disgusting!" Liam shouted.

Liam's hand were still handcuffed as the police men thought he would try to start a fight.

"Then why did you have Niall, hmm?" Mr. Douglas asked.

"Because my husband found him on the park bench and he was freezing cold and bruised badly. We weren't just going to leave him there."

"But what if Niall was with his dad at the park and he got lost and fell?" Mr. Douglas was thinking about what Ryder told him.

"Then I would have to say that's a damn lie! Why would I kidnap someone? And we didn't kidnap Harry and Lou, we have the adopt papers." Liam was tired of all this, all he wanted to do was go back home with his family. 


(A/N) This was mostly written on my ipod. Hope it isn't short!<.< I remember watching a video where Jesy was like '...and this is my friend jade.' in a small voice then Jade was like 'IM FROM NEW YORK'  omg I love Little Mix XD

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