The Unspoken Words [*Zianourry*]

Niall is a young boy being mistreated by his dad, finally he decides to run out. He is found by the Mayne family. They are to worried to leave him alone, so he ends up going home with him.Taking care of Niall stirs something up but will it help him?

My friend, Juila, wrote the info for me because she's awesome like that! Okay, I got this idea off many Zianourry fan fics I can't remember what fanfics xD. I know "Niam Family" off Wattpad. Liam and Zayn, parents. Harry, 13. Louis, 8. Niall, only 6. Liam is Papa. Zayn is daddy. Notice how its daddy nothing else ;)
And I have slow updates sorry. I live with my dad and he doesn't have internet :\ I try to come to my mom's a lot.


4. Chapter Four

The Mayne family finally get home after a few minutes. The little boy was still asleep on Liam. They walked into the house. Harry and Louis going straight to the kitchen.

"Where should I lay him down?" Liam asked holding his hand on the boys head and the other one under his bum.

"Um, I guess go lay him in the guest room. The crib is still up from my sister coming over." Zayn said.

They had a guest room just in case any of their family or friends came over and the crib was for if they had a little one coming over. Liam nodded and went upstairs to lay the little one down. He opened the door. The crib was still there. While laying the little one down he opened his eyes.

"Look who's awake." He smiled.

He deiced that he wasn't going to put him in the crib since he just woke up. He walked back downstairs with the little one on his hip. "He woke up." Liam said while sitting next to Harry on the couch.

"What's your name fella?" Harry asked.

The little one looked at Liam.

"Well?" Liam asked with a smile.

"Niall..." He finally spoke.

"Hi Niall, wanna tell us why you were on the bench at the park?" Zayn asked behind Liam.

Niall shook his head and looked like he was going to cry.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to tell us." For now. Zayn added in his head.

"Um, how old are you?" Liam asked.

"Six." Niall replied shyly.

"Six?" They all asked at the same time, shocked.

"Um, are you sure?" Harry asked.

None of them did believe he was six. Niall nodded looking confused. Harry shrugged.

"Do you wanna play cars?" Louis asked Niall.

"Cars?" Niall asked.

"Do you know what cars are?" Zayn asked him.

He shook his head.

"I'll go get some." Louis said happily, running up stairs.

"Are you hungry?" Liam asked.

Niall nodded. Zayn went off into the kitchen. He made him a PB & J sandwich. When it got in Niall's hands, he didn't waste time eating it.

"Well he was hungry." Liam teased.

Niall just nodded. Louis came down with a bucket full of toy cars.

"Okay this is a mustang!" Louis said grabbing out a green mustang toy car.

Niall reached for it and Louis gave it to him. Soon Niall was on the floor with Louis playing with cars.

"Haz, watch them. We'll be right back." Liam whispered to Harry and he nodded.

Liam and Zayn walked into the kitchen.

"He needs a bath. He's dirty and those cuts need cleaning. He also needs clean clothes." Zayn said grabbing him and Liam a soda.

"He can borrow some of Lou's. If he wore anyone else's it would be to big for him." Liam replied taking a sip of his coke.

"You can give him bath, yeah? He seems to trust you more then me or Harry."

"Yeah I guess. I'll go get Niall, you get some of Louis' old clothes."

Zayn nodded and walked upstairs. Liam walked in the living room. "

Hey Ni. Is it okay if I give you a bath?"

Niall looked up at him. He didn't know if he should or not but ended up nodding making grabby hands for Liam to pick him up. Liam smiled and picked up. He walked upstairs with Niall on his hip. Zayn was starting the water and set a outfit for Niall. It was a blue shirt and white pajama pants. Liam sat Niall on the counter next to the sink. He took off his shirt and he could see how skinny he was. Liam gasp and couldn't believe what he saw. Niall looked down at his body. He thought everyone was skinny like this so he never thought of it as unhealthy. Zayn saw what Liam was gasped about and saw Niall's ribs.

"Li I think that rib is broken." Zayn rubbed his hand gently against the big purple spot on his side.

"We'll have to take him to a doctor tomorrow." Liam said pulling Niall's shorts off.

They got him in the bath and Liam washed him while Zayn went off down stairs. After Niall was washed, Liam wrapped a towel around his small body. Like he had washed his body, he carefully dried his body. He got the pair of underwear on him then the pajama pants. He tried to be careful with the shirt. He put the tore clothes in the trash. He picked Niall up and walked down stairs.

 "Hes clean." Liam said happily. 

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