The Unspoken Words [*Zianourry*]

Niall is a young boy being mistreated by his dad, finally he decides to run out. He is found by the Mayne family. They are to worried to leave him alone, so he ends up going home with him.Taking care of Niall stirs something up but will it help him?

My friend, Juila, wrote the info for me because she's awesome like that! Okay, I got this idea off many Zianourry fan fics I can't remember what fanfics xD. I know "Niam Family" off Wattpad. Liam and Zayn, parents. Harry, 13. Louis, 8. Niall, only 6. Liam is Papa. Zayn is daddy. Notice how its daddy nothing else ;)
And I have slow updates sorry. I live with my dad and he doesn't have internet :\ I try to come to my mom's a lot.


20. Chapter 17

Niall whimpered as Ryder stabbed him in the back with the gun. Ryder walked quickly to his car, not caring as he got strange looks. Perrie was in the waiting room, she thinks it was anyways, and saw Niall. She gasped at first, ready to grab Niall until she saw the gun. Mr. Douglas, Zayn, Liam, and Posen was close behind.

"Why the hell does that bastard have Niall?' Perrie asked as soon as they got to her.

"We couldn't just go after him without him shooting Niall." Posen defended herself.

"Well, y'know, this shit wouldn't even have started if it wasn't for you!" Zayn yelled, wanting NIall to be safe and away from his so called 'Dad'.

Liam rubbed Zayn's back to keep him from going any further. Posen and Douglas was kinda the reason for all this mess.

"Daddy!" They heard Louis yell. Zayn turned back to see a smiling Louis coming his way with a sad Harry?

"Hey bud!" Zayn said kindly and picked him up, even though he was a bit too old for it.

"Where's Niall?" Hary looked up at his dad, wanting to know where he was also. 

"Oh, uhm, we were just about to go get him. Can you go with Aunt Perrie for a few hours?"

Harry knew what this meant, that Niall's dad had him. Louis pouted a little bit before kissing Zayn on the cheek then his Papa. Harry hugged them both and whispered "Be careful." In their ears.

As they left, Posen got her phone out. "I'm going to call the SWAT team and a negotiator."

Liam sighed "Should we start going over to Ryder's house? He's probably there, right?"

Douglas shrugged "He could have went anywhere but lets go check."

Posen was on the phone as they parked at a park close to Ryder's house. As they all got out of the police car, Posen started to explain what was going to happen.

"The SWAT team is going to surround the house, look into the windows, while the negotiator talks to him on the phone keeping him distracted while they find a way in. If they think that he's hurting Niall, they will shoot."

They all nodded as a black car pulled up. A middle aged man with short black hair, sunglasses, and a black outfit came out. He walked over to them.

"Hello, I am Josh Marcus. Can you catch me up on what's happening?"

They all helped explain what happen, Zayn going first, Liam calling Douglas a 'fucking cunt' for taking him away, then Douglas explaining more.

"I also gave him a phone, just in case. It's a small black minute phone."

Josh nodded his head ad took the phone from Douglas. "So, single dad, wife killed by birth of his son, obviously trying to get revenge for his wife. I'll call while the SWAT team try to sneak a way in."

With that Josh, pressed call and waited for Ryder to answer.

-With Niall&Ryder-

Ryder threw Niall into his room. He started to go around the house, locking every window and covering a sheet over it. After he was finished with that he went back into Niall's room where Niall was in the corner.

"Yeah, stay in the corner piece of shit." Ryder spat at Niall.

Suddenly he started to hear ringing from his back pocket. He pulled out the shitty small phone Douglas got him. In fact, it was Douglas. He didn't know if he should pick it up or not but he did after five rings.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hello, is this Ryder Horan?"

"No." Ryder said maybe a little too fast.

"Uh huh.. Ryder this is Josh Marcus. I wanted to speak to you for a bit?"

"I'm busy." Ryder rolled his eyes, even though Josh wasn't there to see that he did.

"Just for a little while?"

Ryder sighed and sat on Niall's bed. "What, what do you want, what?"

"I wanted to talk about Mrs. Horan, if that's alright?"

Ryder was quiet "No."

"Your son? Niall Horan?"


"Y'know Ryder Daniel Horan from Mullingar born December 8th I can find stuff pretty fast."

Ryder was stunned. No one, no one, but his wife knew that. He usually kept to himself.

"Your mum, Rachel Kelly Horan died a few years back, sorry to hear that. Your dad walked out on you when you were 4 and haven't been able to trust anyone since. You treat your son like shit because he was the reason your wife died giving birth. It wasn't actually his fault, Ryder. He was only a few seconds old! He didn't mean to kill his mum, I'm sure even now he wishes he had mummy." Ryder started to think back of his wife. "And I'm pretty damn sure she wouldn't want you to treat your son like this. Please Ryder, just give the boy over, don't hurt him anymore, if you let him go now, we will give you a better chance in court."

Ryder started to tear up. He finally realized what he was doing. It wasn't Niall to blame for. He dropped the phone on the floor. He walked over to his bruised, scarred, scared son. He bent down near Niall's face. He watched as the fear ran across his face, and try hiding away from him. It broke Ryder's heart, it really did.

"N-Niall, baby, can you look at me?"

Niall was not use to hearing his Dad's voice sound soft and low. NIall turned slowly.

"Niall, I know I am the worst father in the world and I-I am really sorry for.." Ryder started to cry, this never happened before. "For treating you so bad. Who knew it only took a few words from a guy to make my heart change?" Ryder chuckled a bit. "Niall. You will always be my son. An-and.." Ryder took a deep breath. "I love you."

Ryder kissed Niall on the forehead. He grabbed the gun, checked to see if it was loaded, then pulled the trigger.

-With Zayn&Liam-

"Ryder?" They all listened to the words Ryder was saying to his son.

"I love you." They heard Ryder say before a gun shot went off.

"No!" Posen, Douglas, and Liam screamed.

Zayn felt his heart stop. The SWAT team broke inside the house before what they saw.

"Daddy?" Zayn heard a faint voice call out. He gasped. What did Ryder shoot?


Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis all stood there in black, watching as the coffin went down into the ground.

"Daddy why are they putting Niall's daddy into the ground." Louis asked as he held Zayn's hand.

"Because he's going to take a long nap, sweetheart."

Louis just gave a little 'oh'. After Ryder was placed next to his wife, they went back over to Posen.

"Hello Ms Posen." Liam said.

"Hello Mr. Mayne's."

Posen stood beside a little blonde boy, who was dressed in all black, holding her hand looking down.

"What is going to happen to Niall?" Zayn asked.

"He's going to be taken to a orphanage." Posen said simply.

"What if we just adopt him now?" Liam asked looking at the small blue eyed boy. Posen eye's widen a bit. If he was put in the orphange, she knew he would never get adopted because of his past and he will have problems in the future. "Of course! I have adoption papers in my car, lets go." Harry grinned and so did Zayn. Harry hugged his Papa as they ran to the car to adopt Niall. After they signed all the papers, Posen said she would drop in now and then to make sure Niall was doing okay. Niall actaully smiled when he heard Zayn say "Your finally coming home with us to stay." 



(A/N): Wow ending was sHIT sorry I made you guys wait 4884989848 years for a update and i did this shitty ass job. BUT there is going to be a squeal where NIall is in middle school, Louis is in high school, and Harry is in UNI. But I'm having trouble naming it ughh. I'll post a update when it's up! Love you all! Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!! ANOTHER YEAR OF HATING PEOPLE AND MY LIFE WHOO!! I am also making another fan fic which is going to be Larry!:D Going to have Punk Louis and Marcel Harry! It's going to be called "Why Can't We Be Friends?" 

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