The Unspoken Words [*Zianourry*]

Niall is a young boy being mistreated by his dad, finally he decides to run out. He is found by the Mayne family. They are to worried to leave him alone, so he ends up going home with him.Taking care of Niall stirs something up but will it help him?

My friend, Juila, wrote the info for me because she's awesome like that! Okay, I got this idea off many Zianourry fan fics I can't remember what fanfics xD. I know "Niam Family" off Wattpad. Liam and Zayn, parents. Harry, 13. Louis, 8. Niall, only 6. Liam is Papa. Zayn is daddy. Notice how its daddy nothing else ;)
And I have slow updates sorry. I live with my dad and he doesn't have internet :\ I try to come to my mom's a lot.


16. Chapter 15

-With Zayn- Zayn was calm so he didn't have handcuffs. Zayn was sitting up straight, legs crossed. The woman in front of him was actually in the same position. She had long blonde hair, a button up shirt- that was showing way to much cleavage- and a skirt.

"Mr. Mayne, am I saying that correctly?" The woman asked.

Zayn nodded. "I am Deceive Posen, and do you mind if I ask you sole questions?" "Go ahead."

Zayn nodded his head. "Harry and Louis Mayne are your son's correct?" Z

ayn nodded. "When did you get them?"

"We got Harry first. He was about six, maybe. Louis just about four years ago?" Posen nodded, writing something. Why is she writing? Zayn thought.

"When did you and Lam meet?"

"Liam, it's liam. We met in uni."

She nodded, writing again. "What are you writing?" Zayn asked curious.

"How is your sexual life with your husband?" She didn't answer Zayn's question.

Zayn's eyes widen "Isn't that uh a little personal?" Zayn was blushing like crazy.

"Just answer the question, Mr. Mayne."

"G-good I guess..." Zayn mumbled.

"When was the last time you had sex with your husband."

"Okay, I'm done answering questions." Zayn out his hands up. That was just too much for Zayn.

"Okay," Posen moved her glasses up the bridge of her nose "Can you tell me about your son? Harry Styles?"

"He goes by Harry Mayne. The people at the orphanage told us he had to be put in a orphanage because his mother wasn't 'ready' to be a mother."

"Mhmm, and Louis Tomlinson?"

Zayn shook his head "Again, it's Louis Mayne. And his parents died in a car crash. He made it out okay. Didn't we already talk about them?" Posen nodded her head, still writing.

"How did you get Niall Horan?" She asked after she was done writing.

"I was on the way to Louis' school when I saw something laying on the bench at the park. I picked up Louis then went back to the park, just to see what it was. And it was a little blonde boy, laying there cold, shaking, he looked dirty and bruised up bad. Of course I wasn't just going to leave him."

Posen nodded. Zayn wanted to rip the notebook out of her hand. Just something about it made him feel not right.

"What if he was just lost and fell and hurt himself?"

Zayn looked surprised. "We're playing What If here? I just told you what happen. Besides, you couldn't just fall and have these bruises." That's when Zayb remembered something "In fact, I have a picture on my phone of Perrie and Niall, when we first found him."

Posen looked up at him. "Where is your phone?" She asked.

"The guards took it."

She nodded and stood up. She walked out of the room leaving Zayn with himself. How could all this happen just because you helped someone? Zayn sat there for a few minutes picking at the red sleeve he wore. Posen finally came back with the black device in her hand.

"What is your passcode?"

"Nine, four, two, six." Zayn picked these numbers because it secretly spelled out 'Ziam' his and husband's name mixed. And it was short enough for it. Zayn looked into the glasses Posen wore to see her clicking the passcode in then going to photos. Zayn watched as she scrolled through the pictures.

"Is it this one?" She moved the screen so that Zayn could see it.

"Yes. See the bruises on his cheek and under his eye." Zayn pointed to the spots. Posen nodded. They talked a few minutes more about Zayn and his life.

"Mr. Mayne, do you touch your children." Sauna entire face went red. Touch his own children?! "No! Oh my gosh, hell no! That's just.. Just wrong!" Zayn kept shaking his head in disbelief. After that, Zayn was told to go back home with Liam. They were so happy to see each other but one- well three- things were messing. Where was Harry, Louis, and Niall? -With Niall- Niall woke to the sound of the squeaky door opening. He sat up on his bed pulling the pillow close to him. Niall watched as his Dad walked inside with a bowl. Ryder set the bowl on the bed, making sure it wouldn't fall. Niall looked at the inside of the bowl. It was Lucky Charms cereal.

"Eat this." Ryder commanded.

Niall looked up at Ryder, unsure if he should or not. Ryder's face expression changed into anger, irritated that Niall wouldn't do as he said. He grabbed the spoon and moved it to Niall's mouth. He then put his hand on Niall's jaw, forcing it open. Niall moved his arms and legs, desperate to get him away. Niall ended up knocking over the bowl instead.

Ryder groaned "Really?!" He yelled. Ryder raised his arm to slap Niall, before he remembered he couldn't. Niall flinched away. He scurried off the bed, running towards the corner. He was now cold from being bottomless and having cold milk poured on him. Ryder groaned noticing he was shaking. He had to act like a good dad. He walked out of the room, closing the door just in case, walked into the bathroom. The bathroom wasn't to big but it was big enough for Ryder to give him a bath-or try at least. Ryder walked into the bedroom again and Niall was trying to get warm by holding his legs together. Ryder walked over to the dresser. Ryder wasn't even sure if anything was in it. He opened the first drawer, shirts. He picked the first one up 'Mommy & Daddy ❤ me' it read. Ryder throw it on the floor. Next one, 'Kiss Me I'm Irish'.

"No ones going to want to kiss you." Ryder said looking at Niall. Another one, 'Free Hugs'. Ryder groaned, he knew Bethany, Niall's mom, picked. He would hold the shirts that Niall wouldn't even need until a few years while she placed one hand on her stomach and looking through all the cute children clothes. Ryder looked at Niall and he was just so angry. He picked yet another shirt up that just had a four leaf clover '🍀'. Ryder placed it on top of the dresser. Next drawer, underwear. Ryder didn't even remember buying these! He picked the first ones up, which were Batman boxer briefs. Next drawer, socks. Ryder thought for a minute, yes he needed socks. He pulled the white ones out. Last drawer, shorts. Where were the pajama pants? Ryder looked around trying to remember where he Bethany put them. It had been a long while. Ryder walked towards the closest, there they were. There was another dresser that held clothes he needed for when he was a baby, toddler, and when he was old enough to go to school. He opened the last drawer remembering that's where they were. Ryder pulled out the pajama pants and walking out of the room once more. He started the bath water. Niall was confused on what his Dad was doing.

Ryder appeared in the door way "Come with me."

Niall followed his dad towards the bathroom. Niall watched as Ryder stopped the water and got on his knees. This wasn't the first time he had cleaned Niall, each time Niall crying loudly and escaping him.

"Now, just going to give you a quick bath." Ryder said calmly.

Niall took a step back. He hasn't freaked out about Liam giving him a bath because he actually trusted him. Ryder closed the bathroom door so Niall couldn't run away. Ryder tried to take Niall's shirt off but Niall ended up screaming, thinking he was going to beat him. Ryder ignored the screaming and took his shirt off anyways. Then he had to take off the boxers he was wearing. Great. Ryder tugged on them but Niall kicked his legs. "Stop!" Ryder demanded while Niall cried. Ryder grabbed Niall's naked body and put him in the bath tub. Niall kicked and punched, water going everywhere. "Stop!" Ryder slapped the side of Niall's arm. Niall stop and grabbed his small arm. "Shit!" Ryder looked at the red part of his arm. He shook his head "We'll just say those faggots did it." Thirty minutes later after trying to wash Niall, he wrapped a towel around him. Ryder guided Niall towards his bedroom. Ryder got him dressed and that's when he heard Niall's stomach growl. Ryder groaned. He left the door open, making sure all the windows are locked. Ryder ended up trying to make hotdogs. He cut Niall's in little pieces and brought them to Niall's room. Niall was tugging at the shirt he was wearing with a confused look on his face. Ryder set the plate on the bed. "Look." Ryder picked up a piece and put it in his mouth. Niall did the same thing. After he was done chewing he started to eat them.

"Okay," Ryder started "When people ask how you got hurt, say the mean people did it."

Niall ate more slowly. Mean people? What mean people?

"Who?" Niall asked in a small voice. "

Those people who took you are mean people, okay?"

Niall nodded slowly. "Some people also might ask you if they have touched you, say yes when they do."

Niall nodded again. "And when they ask where, point here." ryder pointed towards Niall's private.

They went over this a few times. Ryder smirked, knowing what was going to happen tomorrow. 


(A/N): Is this long? Looks long to me xDD Geez didn't mean to make it THAT  long. Hope you liked this chapter!! How many of you guys are reading off a apple device? I put a emoji in there so idk who can/cannot see it. Oh! I was watching Mirrors (1) and I noticed the little boy who plays it is Cameron Boyce! Cameron Beyonce is the boy who plays Luke in the Disney show Jessie. I don't watch Disney tho, my sister does <.< Here's a picture of him while I freak out over his adorableness: 

SERIOUSLY <.< Wanting to watch Mirrors again just to stare at him


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