Forever Young, with you

Mell and Niall are two best friends that shares everything with eachother and they laughs a lot. The key to a succesful relationship is after all happines. But everything isn`t always a bed of roses .Even the hardest secrets can be a threat to their friendship. When Niall not dare tell his secrets to Mell anymore, she gets anoxius and Nialls secrets risks destroying their friendship forever, and when everything seems to get better it´s only getting worse.

Don´t miss the exciting story of inseparable friendship!


2. You have to tell her


 More tears fell down my cheeks, as she slammed the door behind her. I turned off the car and I leaned my head against the steering wheel. What am I gonna do now? I just wanted a good picnic with my best friend but I got a broken friendship with her instead. It´s okay Niall, It´s okay, I tried to tell myself as I wiping the tears from my eyes. I have to go home and talk to someone, I thought and I tried to start the car again. But the car was unable to start. I checked the fuel gauge and realized that it was empty. Great! I said and throwed the car keys on the seat next to me. I picked up my phone and dialed Harry´s number.

-Hey mate, Whats up!?

-Can ya pick me up at Mells house?

-What? Haven´t ya got your car? Niall whats wrong?

- My car has just no gasoline. Can ya please pick me up.

-Yeah sure, I´ll be there in a minute!

-Thanks Harry. It started to rain. I am cold and the radio is dead. I have to buy a new car, I thought. Then I started to think about a discussion I had with Mell for about 2 years ago. We sat in a park and ate ice-cream. We celebrated that I´ve been in One Direction for a year and we talked about other famous people. And then we saw a verry cool car whiz past. I promise that I will buy a new car like that next year, I said. Oh I don´t think so! Mell said and we laughed. 

I found myself smiling at the memory and a new tear fell down my cheek. This time I don´t really know why I cried. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Harrys car slowly drive along the street. I packed my stuff and locked the car, jumped into Harrys car and he drove me to his place.




 I watched him through the window. It started to rain, so it was pretty hard to see anything at all because I was still crying. After about 5 minutes a car picked him up and they drove away. What kinda secret is it that he is to scared to tell me. We´ve been friends as long as I can remember and we do every thing with eachother. May I have overreacted? No, I haven´t!,I told myself. I´m just scared that we may not be Best Friends anymore. I sat on the bed and started to do what I always do when I'm feeling down. I picked up my guitar and started to play. Memories of Niall showed up and more tears filled my eyes. I can´t see the string anymore so I close my eyes and let my fingers do their job. I began to feel tiered and before I could pull on my pyjamas I fell asleep.




 -Niall what happened, between you and Mell?

- We.......we had a fight.

-  and what is the fight about then?

-I.....I´m not sure.

-Not sure? Your not sure what the fight was about?

-It was about something I didn´t wanna tell her. Niall refused to look at me during the whole conversation. He was just sittin on the couch, lookin to the floor.

- But you two shares everything with eachother!

-Yeah.....but not this time.

-Can ya tell me what you don´t wanna tell Mell?

- You already knows about it. That I´m in love with her.

- But Niall you have to tell her that sometime, why didn´t you tell her today?

-Because......because I´m afraid that she dosn´t love me back, and then it will ruin our friendship forever!

- But is it better to ruin your frindship in this way!? Isn´t it better if you ruin a friendship and let her know that you loves her , than to ruin your frinedship and let her think that you don´t like her. Or worse, don´t trust in her? *no answer

-Niall! answer me! Is it better?

- I have to tell her right? he looks at me and now I can se he is crying. I just nodding as an answer and huggs him.

-Tell her when you are ready. I says and looks into his crystall blue eyes. You have to get some sleep I said. He gives me a small smile and heads towards the guestroom.


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