Forever Young, with you

Mell and Niall are two best friends that shares everything with eachother and they laughs a lot. The key to a succesful relationship is after all happines. But everything isn`t always a bed of roses .Even the hardest secrets can be a threat to their friendship. When Niall not dare tell his secrets to Mell anymore, she gets anoxius and Nialls secrets risks destroying their friendship forever, and when everything seems to get better it´s only getting worse.

Don´t miss the exciting story of inseparable friendship!


4. The wedding


I woke up early this morning, happy.Usually I always have a bad mood in the morning, but not this time.It´s just 6am in the morning and that means that I´ve just slept for 3 hours. I take a shower and I dress in a pair of softy shorts and a white T-shirt. I went into the kitchen and makes a cup of vanilla tea and toast as i almost does every morning. I switch on the TV to watch Tilly Masons celebrity show, but it´s to early and the program hasn´t started yet. Instead I watched top modell UK while eatin my breakfast.The clock approached 7am and I  began  to paint my nails. I chosed a light pink nail polish from essie to match my high heels. When my nials is dried I went into the bedroom. I brushed my hair and put on the curler. I curled the hair ends and added some hairspray. The clock strucked 10am and I put on my dress. I put on a light make-up with a light pink eyeshadow and black long eyelashes. I think I´m ready, i thought and looked at myself in the mirror. I heard someone knock at the door, I answered it and the always good looking boy stood there.

-Ya ready?

-Yeah, I´m just gettin my shoes,I said and went into my bedroom to get the pink heels. I get my bag and phone and closed the door. Niall opened the car door for me.

-Playing gentleman huh? I giggled.

-Not playing, I´m always a gentleman for you my dear. He said with a genteel voice. I laughed at him and we dorve off.

-I´ve forgotten to ask you where the wedding will be!

-Oh, you know that place! The chateau were your parents married when we was about five years old. I just nodded and smiled at the memory. It was for about 14 years ago. Niall just turned six and I was going to 1 month later. It was that special day when my parents get married. My whole family was invited and my best friends family to. It was Nialls family. I was dressed in a small light pink dress with a white cardigan. I was playing around with Niall during the whole weddingparty. Niall showed me a beautiful place in the huge garden. It was bushes full of white and red roses and trees with pink flowers. He picked up a pink flower that lay on the ground and put it in my hair. there was a huge fountain and we sat on the the fountains edge. The place with the bushes and the trees and the fountain was beautiful but it was a bit aloof from the weddingparty and me and Niall sat alone on the fountain edge and talked. When I sat there and was a bit dissapointed over that my mum and dad not wanted me to have a pony, Niall took my hand in his and kissed me. Okay.....I don´t know if I can call it a kiss . It was more like a peck on my lips. I blushed at the thought. Does Niall remember anything of that? Did he like me when he "kissed" me?

-Here we are, Niall said and intruppted my thouhgts. I picked up my bag and get out off the car. Niall held out his arm and I grabbed it. He led me towards the huge garden where we waited for the rest of the guys. Liam and Harry already waited at us and smiled at the sight of me. 

-Mell! How nice to see you again! Harry said and gave me a huge hug. 

-It´s nice to see you to Harry!

-Hi Mell, Liam said and hugged me.

-Hi Liam, I haven´t seen ya since last year! I said and smiled a big smile. 

- No we´ve missed you Mell! Why didn´t ya visit us during the tour? Harry asked.

-I´ve been busy this year. I´ve searched a job in London as an make-up artist/ stylist.

- Did ya get the job? Liam asked me.

- I don´t know yet, I´m still waiting for them to call me. But I got a job as a model. I said.

-You haven´t told me that! Niall said and looked at me. 

-No, it´s not a big deal. I said. I´m just modeling for a mascara and a some new accessories and clothes.

-Thats a big deal Mell, Harry said and looked serious at me. Niall nodded in agreement.

-And thats a big deal for your best friend that you tells everything for. 

I just giggled and looked to the ground. Then I remembered that Niall promised me to tell me about his secret today.

- Thats reminds me on something you didn´t tell me. I said and looked meaningful at Niall. do you remember What you promised me? Now Liam and Harry looked at Niall to.

-Yeah I remember, but I´ll tell ya later after the wedding cermony. Louis, Eleanor,Zayn and Perrie came up to us. All of them gave me a hugg. Eleanor and Perrie is two of my best friends. They are really sweet and we´re havin a lot off fun together, but we´re not as tight as me and Niall. We went to our seats for the cermony. A lot off people came up to me and  presented themselves. when Niall and I found our seats there was a woman that greeted on Niall. And you must be Nialls girlfriend! The woman said and smiled at me. I was shocked. Emm....I said. Then Niall took my hand in his and looked at the woman. I just looked at our hands that lay in my knee. What was he doin? I thought. The woman just smiled a huge smile and nodded. I was still in shock. Niall just held my hand in a way he never held it before. It was like he was afraid that he would loose me and he held my hand in a tight grip, and I liked it.



Mell just looked at our linked hands that lay in her knee. She looked a bit shocked, but I could see a glimps of happines in her eyes. The cermony started, Tom seemed so happy were he stood at the altar. Lux sat on a little chair with a flower in her hand and in the other a doll with the same dress as Lux wore. The music started, everyone in the audince stand up and watched Lou come walkin along the white long carpet that someone rolled out infront of her. I´ve never seen Lou that happy before. She looked beautiful in her white wedding dress and the long bridal veil. The white roses in her hands and her light purple hair in a bun. She reached the altar and gave the roses to a braidsmaid.

-She looks stunning... Mell whispered. I smiled at her and nodded. I still held her hand in my. The cermony went on and after 20 minutes the cermony was over.  Tom and Lou walked on the white carpet and everyone applauded. After the cermony everyone wanted to take pictures of Lou and Tom together and everyone garhered around them. They blew soap bubbles on them and talked.

-Come here, I will tell ya my secret. I whispered in Mells ear. She looked wondering at me but in 3 seconds her lips were formed in a wide smile. I still held her hand and I led her towards some trees. We walked on the gravel path and on both sides of it, it was huge bushes with white and red roses, big trees with pink flowers and white lights. It was like walls of flowers. I saw a pink flower on the ground, It was still perfect because it just have fallen down from it´s branch. I picked it up and put it in Mells hair, I smiled at her and we went on. We walked on the gravel path hand in hand till we reached a big fountain. I led Mell to the fountain and sat on the fountain edge. I held both Mells hands in my and looked straight into her eyes.

-Mell.....this "secret" isn´t a real secret because many off my friends knows it. You don´t.......but you will soon. I´ve been...scared to tell you because you are my secret. She looked confused at me but she didn´t say anything, so I continued. For 14 years, 1 month, 1 day and 4 hours ago, something happened to me. I was the luckiest boy in the whole entire world. I sat on this fountain edge with a verry beautiful girl. She...she was...disapointed that her parents wouldn´t buy her a pony. I laughed as I said it. I didn´t like to see this girl disapointed so I took her small hands in mine. I looked her in the eyes. I leand in. And I kissed her. I knew that second I kissed her, that I was in love with her. And I knew that I always wanted to...protecet her from all the bad things in the world. But do you wanna know a secret? I came closer to Mell and whispered: But I knew that she wasn´t in love with me. I saw in her eyes how the little story I just told her plays in her head. She just nodds still absent-minded, but I continued. When we was about...12... this girl had her "first kiss" with a boy in our class. And I...was jealous on this guy. So..I had my first kiss that year to, but with a girl I wasn´t in love with. When we were 16 this girl told me that she and her familly would move to London. I was completely desstroid. She will find antoher boy in London, I thought. And so she did. She fell in love with a verry handsome boy in her new school. He was one year older then her. They were together for about two and a half year, but he cheated on her and she left him. This girl and I never lost the contact. We called eachother often. When I was 16 I became known in the X factor. Simon Cowell put me into a group with four other boys. Together we were One Direction. I was touring with these guys and they became my brothers. We are like a familly. But during these 3 years I´ve always been asking if I had a girlfriend. When a interviewer askes me that question I always starts to think on this girl. But we is´nt together so I always have to say no.I misses this girl so much. This year My band had a huge world tour. During this tour...I thought about this girl all the time, and I couldn´t stop. When we where in the U.S the boys saw that something was wrong. One night when we were going to a new city, the boys said that they wanted to talk to me. We sat in the tour bus and they said: Niall, we know that something is wrong. So are ya gonna tell us whats wrong? 

                                                                       ( Not the story)

 Now I was almost crying. I still held Mells hands in my and I took a deep breath

(back to story)

I told the boys about you and Zayn said: Man your in Love with that gurl! I realized that he was right and that I never will forgett about her, cause i will alwys love her. Now.........I´m back home, and when I saw that girl for the first time after almost 1 year, I felt like the boy who kissed the girl for 14 years ago.( Now I was crying) It have been hard to tell this girl named Mell, that I alwyas been in love with her. But now I have. I´m sorry that I didn´t tell ya from the verry first beggining, but I was scared that if you wasn´t in love with me.....this would ruin our friendship. But someone told me that it´s better to ruin our friendship and let you know how I feel for you, then to ruin our friendship and don´t tell you how I feel. 

 Mell just sat there speechless and just looked at me. After some quiet minutes she finally moved, she looked down on our hands and pulled her hands out of my grasp. Tears fell down my cheeks. She looked up at me again and then I saw she cried to.

-Niall.................... I have never heard someone say something like this before. And none have told me something like this before. And...............I Love You!

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