Forever Young, with you

Mell and Niall are two best friends that shares everything with eachother and they laughs a lot. The key to a succesful relationship is after all happines. But everything isn`t always a bed of roses .Even the hardest secrets can be a threat to their friendship. When Niall not dare tell his secrets to Mell anymore, she gets anoxius and Nialls secrets risks destroying their friendship forever, and when everything seems to get better it´s only getting worse.

Don´t miss the exciting story of inseparable friendship!


3. Heartbreaker


I woke up at and it´s still raining outside my window. My eyes hurts and I still have my clothes on. I pulls off my clothes and getting a shower. I let the water run over my body and I feels how fast I gets warm. I wrap a towel around me and wents back into my bedroom. The cold air in the apartment hits me when I open the bathroom door.I pulls on a pair of grey sweatpants, a pair of knitted socks and a white T-shirt. I puts the hair in a messy bun and  goes into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and a toast. I put on the TV and eats my breakfast in the couch with a blancet wrapped around me. I swich to channel 44 for the latest celebrity news and interviews. Tilly Mason a tiny, blond, hyperactive girl is the host and right now she´s talking about Justin Biebers new perfume. I rolls my eyes and is just about to change channel, when I hear Harry Styles and decides to watch it. Harry is after all my friend.

-Harry Styles was spotted in his car when he picked up his band mate Niall Horan in central London yesterday afternoon/evening. Niall had during the day seen hugging a girl he set out to be his best firend, her name is Mell.Later that day the best friends were seen in Niall Horans car. Mell has been seen running out of the car CRYING. Can the super cute guy from One Direction be a heartbreaker?

The way Tilly said crying was a bit teasingly. A picture of me running from Nialls car crying showed up at the screen and another one of Niall crying showed up and after this two photos there was alot of photos of Niall while he was waiting for Harry to pick him up.

- More pictures of Niall and Mell yesterday is upploaded on our facebook page and on twitter, Tilly said and the program is over.




 I hate Tilly! I thought. How could she know about me and Mell? I sat in the couch speechless for about 5 minutes before Harry intruppted me in my thoughts. 

- Niall, you can think about Tilly Mason in the car, but we have to go! We are already late to the meeting. I pulls on my jacket and jumped into the car. In the car I went on twitter to watch the photos from Tillys show. It was about 60 pictures of me and Mell yesterday. Some of them with Mell while she´s crying, some of them with me crying, when Harry picked me up. The last photo was a verry beautiful photo. It was a picture of Mell, smiling with flowers in her hair and me standing behind her. My twitter was freaking out! every where the hashtags #Niallisaheartbreaker and #Niall&Mell is trending. I readed some tweets and I couldn´t belive in what  all those peoples wrote. Some of them wrote stuff like : Niall is NOT in love with Mell! It´s just a rumor. OR Niall and Mell are BFFs not GF and BF! I readed the last tweet over and over again. They are BFFs not GF and BF echoed in my head. I don´t even now if BFF is true. I wonder what Mell is saying about all this, I thought and turned off the mobile. Harry stopped the car on the big parcing area. 

-So, was it freaked out on twitter about You and Mell?

-Yeah, quite. It was.....allot of hashtags and oppinions. Harry just nodded to show that he understands me and we get out of the car. We headed towards the big port and we hit the code, Went up the steps and Harry pressed a button.

-Yeah, who is it? a female voice said.

-Hi Candice, It´s me Harry.

- Hi Harry! Welcome in! she said and  a door opened infront of us. We stepped in  and went up to another door. I opened the door and five familiar faces watched us.

-Hey Niall boy! Louis shouted 

- Hi Lou. I said and sat down in an armchair.

- You two are late. Simon said and looked at Harry as he sat down in the armchair next to me. 

-Yeah I know, but Niall had to watch that celebrity show at channel 4.

- What show? simon said

- You know, Tilly Masons show, Harry told him.

-Yeah I´ve heard about that show on twitter! But I don´t really get why everyone tweets about Niall and Mell! Liam said.

- Mell and I had a little fight yesterday and some paparazzi saw Mell cry. I said and looked to the floor.

-What! You got Mell to cry! Louis yelled.

-Yeah but Niall cried to! Harry told him.

- What happened? Zayn asked. Then I had to tell the rest of the boys and Simon about yesterday and what the fight was about.

-It´s not much to fight, Liam said, but we can say it´s a........big missunderstanding.

- Haven´t ya told Mell about it? Zayn asked.

-No, I was to scared.

-Tell Mell about what? Simon asked. He was a bit confused.

- That Niall is deeply in love with her, Louis told him.

Simon looked at me for a long time and finally he said:

-Then I think I can solve your problem Niall.

I looked up for the first time during the whole conversation about me and Mell. 


-Well, this meeting is about that big event that occurs tomorrow right? And I´ve talked to Lou and she says that it´s okay to bring your girlfriends with ya tomorrow.

- Yeah, El is commin! Louis said with a smile.

- Yes, can bring Mell if ya want to. You can tell her that you´re in love with her then. Simon says.

-Okay, I´ll call her. I says and wents out in the hall and dails Mells number.





 -Hi Mell, It´s Niall, How are ya doin?

-Hi Niall, I´m all right thank ya.

- Listen Mell, I´m SO sorry for that yesterday, I will tell ya what it was about tomorrow.

-It´s okay Nialler, But why can´t ya tell me now?

-Because I wanna say it to you in person, face to face.

-Okay, but when do you wanna meet tomorrow?

-Emm.......It´s like this, I wonder if ya wanna come with me to Lou and Toms wedding tomorrow? They begged me to ask you to.

- Well.......Yeah absolutley! If it´s okay for Lou and Tom, and for YOU. I would LOVE to come with ya.

-Great! Then I see ya tomorrow! I pick ya up at 11am, Okay?

-Okay, Take care of ya Niall! I miss ya!

-Miss ya too! Bye.


I ended the phonecall with a wide smile on my lips. This is the first time I smiles since the little "fight" I and Niall had yesterday. The rest of the day I go through my closet to find something to wear tomorrow. I found a short white dress with floral lace at the top, small white straps and a pair of light pink high heels. I´m just going to order some pizza when it knocks on the door. I wents into the hall to open it. I open the door and there is Niall with a big basket.

-Hi beautiful!

- Hi bestie! I says and gives him a BIG hug.

-Do ya want some breakfast? he says´s evening......not mornig.

-Yeah I know but I wanted some pancakes.

I laughed and let him in. He went into the livingroom and began to unpack the basket, Like yesterday he lay it all on a blancet on the floor.

-This is like the notebook!

- Yeah, I know. Cool ha?

-Yeah, I´ve always wanted to eat breakfast at 9pm! I said sarcastic. He laughed and gave me a strawberry.

-So, how is it at work? He asked me.

-It´s okay. I´ve searched a job here in London actually.

-Really? So, what kinda job is it then?

-Emm....My former boss told me about a known skin care company and that they wanted me to search the job as an makeup artist and stylist.

-And that means.......?

-I´ve searched a job as a stylist and makeup artist, and if i get the job, i will be stylist for the biggest stars that preforms in London, Like beyonce.

-But...thats great!

-Yeah......but i don´t know if i get the job or not. We sat and talked and laughed what it felt like the whole night. But when the clock approach 3am, we both began to feel sleepy.

-It´s time for me to go home and you need your beauty sleep he said and fiddled with my hair. I just smiled and helped him to pack the basket.

-I pick ya up at 11 tomorrow, he said.He looked me in the eyes, gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and then he was gone.


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