Forever Young, with you

Mell and Niall are two best friends that shares everything with eachother and they laughs a lot. The key to a succesful relationship is after all happines. But everything isn`t always a bed of roses .Even the hardest secrets can be a threat to their friendship. When Niall not dare tell his secrets to Mell anymore, she gets anoxius and Nialls secrets risks destroying their friendship forever, and when everything seems to get better it´s only getting worse.

Don´t miss the exciting story of inseparable friendship!


5. Girlfriend


I Love You! She cried. I wipped the tears away from her cheeks and kissed her. It was a long and passionate kiss.  No one have ever siad something like that before she said when the kiss is over. But you deserve to hear it, I said and now I actully smiled. I´m sorry I´ve been so stupid Niall, Mell said and looked down. No,No, babe look at me. I lifted her chin so she faced me. You haven´t done anything wrong. She noddes and gives me a new kiss. Should we go back to the others? I asked.

-Yeah, she said and smiled. I held her hand and we walked down the gravel path. 

-Wait, she said and stopped.

-What is it? I asked.

- My make up! I look awful,right!

-No, you never looks awful, I says as I take away some mascara from her eyelid. 

-So, now your perfect! I said and gave her a quick kiss.

-She giggled and searched for my hand.

The weddingparty is outside like the cermony and big, round, white, tables and chairs were placed on the big lawn. Around the tables it was small trees with pink flowers ( the same flowers as I put in Mells hair) as stood in a corral. On the tables it was white and red roses, a candle and a note with a number on. The party was going on and everyone talked with eachother. Louis and Eleanor talked with Tom and Lux, Harry was talking with a 60 years old couple( Lous Mum and Dad), Zayn, Liam and perrie talked to Lou. We went up to them and when Lou saw Me and Mell hand in hand she gaped large. 

-OMG, Mell and Niall! How nice to see you two! she hugged me and Mell. So.....Niall you and Mell huh? She smirked. I couldn´t help to laugh and Mell smiled her big beautiful smile. 

-Yeah....I finally said. 

-Good! she jumped a small and funny jump and clapped her hands. You know....I was the first person to see that Niall needed some girl talk. I´ve been waiting for this day in one year now. I ´ve waited for Mr Niall Horan to tell you in 1 sick year! she said.

- Wait, wait have ya told her? Liam said and looked at Mell.

Mell just nodded at him and hugged me. Liam smiled.

-OMG wait so you and Niall are offically a couple now? Perrie asked.

-Yepp I said and kissed her forehead. She laughed and she seemed SO happy.

Harry went up to us.

-Well Well Well, insn´t it the love birds? He said and smirked. So what were you two doing in the little flower garden?

-I just told her about my feelings for her. I said and couldn´t stop smiling.

-Yeah...Iknow. But I promise you that you were doin something more than just talking. Mell laughed and looked at Harry. She held my face in her hands and kissed me. Everyone "awwwed" during the kiss and Mell ended the kiss cause she couldn´t stop laughing.



-Okay,so can I have your attention please, thank you. So, I just wanna say thank you for commin to my and my beautiful wifes wedding today! We really appreciate it! So we´re going to serve some dinner here, so if you just looking for the table you´re allocated and sit down please. Tom said.

Niall and I followed Harry to a table. number 21 the note on our table said. Niall pulled out a chair for me, I giggled and sat down on the chair. Niall sat on the left side of me and El sat on the right. Every member of One Direction and their girlfriends sat at this table. Liam talked about thier new parfuem and El asked me about the little "fight" Niall and I had for 2 days ago. Someone hit a fork against it´s glass and everyone went silent to listen to the one who wanted our attention.

- Good evening ladys and gentlemans, I´m the tonights headwaiter and I will no read the menu for you. I looked at Niall and saw how he quickly went serious. When someone names food our dinner Niall always wents serious. I shock my head and smiled.

- for starter it´s a leek and potato soup served with bread and some bacon. for tonights main cours you can choose between two dishes: Entrecote served with a root vegetable gratin and a sauce or salmon with a salad. You can also choose our shrimps and other seafood with pasta. And as dessert there´s a weddingcake and a chocolate mouse with raspberries and cream.

Everyone applauded and the menus were distributed. We ordered the main cours we wanted. Niall couldn´t decide what to eat, but he finaly choosed the beef. The dishes were served one by one and we ate and talked. I didn´t finsihed my beef before the waiters took my plate and gave me a chocolate mouse. I was to full to finish the dessert either and I gave it to Liam who loved the chocolate. 

A old man stand up on his chair and wanted to have everyones attention. He talked to the groom how proud he was to be Toms dad, he talked to the bried and told us how proud he was to be Lous "father in law". Lous mum had speech that really affected me. It was a funny and romantic speech about Tom and Lous Love. Next to have a sspeech was Harry.

-I just wanna say that I´m so glad for you two and that Lou is our stylist. If Lou wasn´t our stylist we wouldn´t be here and wouldn´t know you guys. You´re such a cute couple and your daughter is the most adoreble child I´ve ever seen. Lots of Love from us! He said and swept his arm towards our table. Everyone applauded and Harry gave the word to Tom. Tom talked to Lou and his speech were verry beautiful. Lou cried of happienes and she was so beautiful. It started to get dark and the waiters lit the candles that was on the tables. The evening went on pretty fast and we just sat and talked with eachother.

- So boys what are you gonna do the week we can do what ever we want to? Louis asked.

- Perrie and I thought about a trip to hawaii. Zayn said and put his arm around her.

-I´m just gonna relax here in London. Shoppin, go to the cinema and have a cup of tea with my family. Maybe partying or something, Liam said. 

-Cool! I might hang on! Harry said. I´ve just going to see mum and my sister  on Monday.

-What about You Niall? Liam asked.

-Emm.....I´m going home to Mullingar. Meet my familly and friends. So I can introduce them for Mell. He said and faced me.

-Yeah! I have´nt been in Mullingar for ages! I said. Niall searched for my hand and held it in his knee under the table. People began to leave the wedding and Niall watched the clock. It´s almost 1am he said. It´s maybe time for us to go home. We said godbye to the persons around the table and went up to Lou, Tom and Lux to say godbye to them. 

-Are ya leaving now? Lou asked.

-Yeah, were going to Mullingar early tomorrow so we have to go to bed. Niall said and hugged her.

-Have a continued great weddingday. I said and hugged Lou. 

-Thank you darling! Have fun in Mullingar!

- Haha! I´ll trie to! I said. I gave Tom a hug to and wished him good luck. Niall held my hand while we were going back to the car. It was verry dark now and a waiter followed us to the car. The waiter held a votive so we could see were we walked. When we reached the car Niall thanked the waiter and gave him some tip. Niall jumped into the car and drove me to my place. Cannot ya stay for the night? I begged. He smiled and put my hair behind my ear. Sure, He said. We get out of the car and into my apratment. I went into the bathroom and washed mway my make-up. I pulled off the dress and get into the shower. I pulled on some new underwears and a bra and went into the bedroom. Niall already lay in the bed. I laughed at the sight off him. He lay there shirtless with his arms over his head.

-What is it? He asked and smiled.

-You just looked so funny! I said while lifting the duvet I switched off the lamp. I lay down in bed and Niall put the duvet over me. He get closer to me till our bodys touched and kissed my cheek. He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaved small soft kisses in my neck. I fell asleep almost straight away. 

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