Forever Young, with you

Mell and Niall are two best friends that shares everything with eachother and they laughs a lot. The key to a succesful relationship is after all happines. But everything isn`t always a bed of roses .Even the hardest secrets can be a threat to their friendship. When Niall not dare tell his secrets to Mell anymore, she gets anoxius and Nialls secrets risks destroying their friendship forever, and when everything seems to get better it´s only getting worse.

Don´t miss the exciting story of inseparable friendship!


1. Best Friends Forever


 The vibrations from my mobile sounds loud throughout the room, where it is next to me on the  nightstand. Niall ;D the screen displays. I feel my lips formed into a wide smile and I answer the  phone.

- Hi Irish boy, How ya doin!

- Irish Boy? Really! Haven´t Ya got anything better than just "Irish Boy" Dosen´t I mean anything for  you?

- Haha, So what´s up?

- Look out your window.

 I get up from the bed and goes to the window, and there he stands leaning against his car and looks  up at me.

- Hi! He says and waves to me. My smile has grown bigger and I waves back to him.

-What are ya doin here?

- I just wanna pick ya up for a picnic, 

- Okay, I´ll be down there in 5 minutes. I says and ends the phonecall.

 I select a short,tight, floral dress with plunging neckline in the back that I know Niall likes and brush  through my hair with my fingers.I slept with braids, so my longbrown hair has got nice surging  curls. I lay a light makeup and brush my teeth. It defenitely took more than 5 minutes, but I still ran  down to Niall.

- Hi goodlooking girl! Niall said and hugged me. 

-Hi handsome! So where are we going.

- I´m gonna show ya, Niall said and opened the car door for me. I laughed and went into the car.  Niall jumped into the driver´s seat and drove off.




 She´s so beautiful, I thought. The way she laughs, walks and even breaths drives me crazy. Her  sense for fashion and music. Her hazel eyes, long brown hair and gorgeous smile. I´ve found  myself thinking about Mell in this way for about 1 year now. I don´t know what to do. We´ve been friends troughout our lives, but nothing more than that. Just friends. Best friends. It all happened for about 1 year ago.


                                                                      -1Year earlier-

 -Mell, I have to tell ya something.

 -Whats wrong Nialler?

 - I´m going on a new world tour with the boys in 4 weeks.

 - Ohh noo! then ya will miss my 18th birthday!

 - Yeah,.......I´m sorry.

 - It´s okay Nialler. For how long will ya be gone this time?

 - Almost a year.

 - Thats longer than last time.....

 - Yeah I know.....

 - I will miss ya Nialler!, she said and started to cry.

 - Schh Schh, Mell... It´s gonna be allright., I said and wrapped my arms around her. I could feel her  tears fell down her cheeks and down on my neck.


                                                                 -Back to the present-

 This was the first time I´ve met Mell in 1 year and I´ve missed her SO much. That day for almost a  year ago was a verry special day in my life. When Mell started to cry and I wrapped my arms  around her to comfort her, I felt something inside of me . It felt as something inside of me broke.  During the tour I really missed her and I thought about her and when she cried in my arms all the  time. 

 -Niall, are ya okay?, Harry asked me once while we were sittin in the tour bus.

 -No, not really, I answered and then I had to tell the boys about Mell and that speical day.

 -Ohh mate....your in love with that gurl, Zayn said. I didn´t really belive in what he said. But for  every day that passed whitout to see  her, I began to realize that he could be right in what he said.  Now when she´s sittin next to me in the car, I feel like the happiest guy in the world. But still so  unsure. If I tell her that I´m in love with her and she isn´t in love with me, it maybe will destroy our  friendship...........forever. No, I can´t tell her yet, I thought. This will be my secret. Usally we shares  eachothers secrets, but not this time.

 -Niall, Is something wrong?

 -No, Not at all, why do ya ask?

 -No, there´s´ve been unusual quiet.

 -Ohh, I´m just verry.......absentminded today.

 -Okay..Is it something ya wanna......share with me?

 -No!,I almost screamed now. I there´s nothing. I said, this time calmier.

 -Okay? Nialler are ya sure youre okay? I mean your not........yourself today.

 - What do ya mean with "not yourself"? Now I really began to feel a bit enraged.

 -Ohh.....nothing...there´s nothing, she said and I could hear a undertone of anger in her voice.

 I stopped the car and got out. I picked out a basket with food out from the trunk and started to  walk towards the lake.




 I know that it´s something wrong, I thought. There´s something he don´t tell me. 

 -Are ya commin Mell? Niall waited for me on the other side of the car. I closed the car door and  went up to him. His face had change from crotchety to glad. He put his arm around me and we  began to walk towards a lake. When we reached the lake Niall started to  unpack the basket on a blanket he laid on the ground. It was such a beautiful place. The lake lay still and blank and in the trees there was red lights.

 - Niall, Have ya done all this?

 - Yeah, do ya like it?

 I was speechless. 

 -Yeah, I said after a while. It´s beautiful! I love it! I could see that he blushed and he smiled his big  smile. I went up to him and hugged him.

 -Lets eat, Niall said and ended the hug. I just laughed at him.

 - What...What is it? He said while he laughed.

 - Your always hungry! I said and sat on the blanket.

 - Yeah, almost...addition when I tasted your grandmas cookies! We laughed but after a while the  hunger took over. We ate and talked about the One Direction tour and my job as a makeup artist/  stylist.

 -So....have ya missed me? I said and looked straight into his crystall blue eyes. I saw how  he  suddenly became serious. He was quiet for a verry long time as he had to think.

 - Niall, I know that something is wrong, Please just tell me.Am I doin something wrong or what is  it? 

 -Your not doin something wrong Mell, Ya never doin something wrong, he said calming.

 - But I see it in your eyes that it`s something Niall! Why can´t you tell me?

 -Because......I´m afraid you will.........

 - I will what!? I yelled and Now I was angry at him. We always tells eachother everything Niall! And  now when you suddenly won´t tell me something......... a tear fell down my cheek. 

 - Mell...are ya crying?

 -Yes...I said and now the tears flowed unimeded.

 - Do ya want a hug? he asked

 -No...I said.. I just want you to tell me the truth! Don´t ever say that there´s nothing, cause I know  there is something. We both went quiet and the only sound was my sobs. 

 - Niall........If you don´t tell me what it is.........I´m not sure if i can trust in you anymore. And do you  know what a friendship is built of? *no asnwer  

 -Trust I says between the sobs. Now I can see a tear fell down Nialls cheek to.

 - Can you drive me home? I asked

 - He just nodded and 5 minutes later we both sat in the car. None of us says a word during the  entier ride. When Niall stopps the car outside my house, I just give him a look and went inside.  I slammed the door behind me and ran upstairs and laid on the bed.....crying.

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