The Life Change

a 13 girl who was bullied, summer came and her brother told her to visit him with her mom, he was a millionare and he had tickets and vip passes to the One direction concert and since that day her life changes


2. packing

*july 22*

liliris pov:

gosh all this vacations im just sitting at home doing nothing, but tommorow im going to see my brother gabriel, 1 of the hottest man on denver. i love his normal attitude. oh well ugh im also in a huge depression, my crush named jean, left forever to the u.s hes was the hottest on my school...but also a jerk, here are some things about me: brunnette

2. im overweight

3. pretty face? i bet if i wasnt overweight ill had a million friends 

4.i love one direction fav color is light blue

and 6. im 13

anyway i was packing my stuff with my mom, her name is lilly, my mom was he most popular in her school when she was young, shes blonde, shes pretty. she is a good mother.

me: mom!!! i finished packing  imma miss farrah :(

mom: sigh me too danny will take good care of her 

me: okay...

farrah is our chihuahua :D and danny is my other big bro.

oh well i just cant wait until tommorrow.

i smiled and went to sleep.

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