The Life Change

a 13 girl who was bullied, summer came and her brother told her to visit him with her mom, he was a millionare and he had tickets and vip passes to the One direction concert and since that day her life changes


5. concert!

liliris pov:

omg i was at the concert, i was at the first row! 1D was singing little things! i saw that harry smiled at me i smiled back, but hey im just 13 hes like 19 .-.! omg i had an amaZAYN! time with scoot! he was so girly! hahaha my new friend!

scoot: omg lili i love the paparazzi's don't you gurl?

me: well its cool they ask alot about my brother tho lol!

scoot: you will get used to it gurl! anyway the vip passes are for you so you will go and meet them alone.

me: i have nerves!! :O im freacked!! and harry is my fav!! omgggg

scoot: gurl calm down plz DX 

me:okay.. bye see you in the limo!

scoot: okay.

i was waiting in the backstage for the boys!

then the five of them came harry and niall smiled with twinkeling eyes they looked at each other with and evil face, i got kinda confused and the five of them jumped and hugged me! i was so shocked!

me: omggg hi im so suprised! :D i love you guys

harry: hi love, we are very good friends of gabe!

niall: yeah i mean like best friends its so nice to meet you! 

me: you are friends of gabe? wow thats cool'

louis: and your our new friend your 13 right


louis: so you mean when harrys like 26 o 25 you will be like 20?

me: :)

then louis looked at harry smirking! then liam coughed loudly

liam: hey liliris, we got alot of gifts for you!

me: hi liam, thnkz boys i love you so much! 

the boys: we love you to!

zayn: hey tommorow we are gonna all hang out wanna join?

me: me?!

zayn: yeah ;D

me: omg yeah for sure i will love to

harry&niall: yay!!  


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