Agent Petal: Friend Or Foe?

To you, I'm a normal person. Even my closest friends wouldn't think twice! No one does. However, if I don't change things, they will all be forced to know who I am. But more to the point, what I am.


3. Time Goes By So Slowly

Oh great! It's raining outside and Peter and I have got to walk to school today. It's our first day at secondary school! So pumped :) Peter can't wait to go to big school and see all of his friends and make new ones. He had missed them because he hadn't been able to go paint-balling or gone online to play computer games all holiday due to people actually having lives and going abroad. Even so, he had talked to them over the phone nearly everyday about the latest video game (which there seemed to be a new every few hours)!

Unfortunately, I don't have many friends around my age (obviously) or around my physical age because I have an adult point of view on things however, they their right and I'm just like

"Excuse me love, I've actually been there and done it all and I know what I'm talking about whereas you haven't got the faintest idea"

I know they're only 11 years old but still. My real friends are in their mid 30s  and older because they're my colleague's at M.I.5.

Uuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh .................... It's 06:45. I out to get up but I just need to close my eyes one last time....

07:00. OK, this is weird. Usually, before this time, Georgiana would come in to nag me to get up. Oh well, if she's not here I'll just go back to sleep.

"Good morning! Time to get up!"

All of a sudden, I'm cold. I reluctantly lift my heavy eye-lids open to see my duvet at the bottom of the bed, blinding lights on and curtains open. Oh the horror of school mornings! :(  When Georgiana finally rushed Peter and I out of the house, we had to huddle under one holey, bent (ha ha bent!) little umbrella while our school shoes got wet through. I've never seen so much rain come down out once! It's as if we're living in the Amozen during the monsoon season!

I've also never known a first school day go so slowly! The end of the day just ran away from me and I finally caught up with it. Peter came out with a huge smile across his face; he was sort of a teachers pet. I was about to ask him why he was so happy but a thought from earlier today suddenly made me curious. One of my friends, Kevin, ( who I quite like :) ) had different hair today. It's usually gingery, fiery red, but today, it was blonde. The obvious answer is that he died it so why was it bugging me so much?

"Are you alright?" Peter asked me.

"Why does Kevin have blonde hair?" I replied back.

"Who's Kevin?"

"He's this boy in my class, you know, the ginger."

"Oh, him. What did you say about him?" Honestly, he's not even listening to me. "Hey, my friend you know, um......Jim, found this new horror game called "The Train" it looks really good-"

"Why does Kevin have blonde hair?" I impressed on him.

"Oh, I dunno." He replied at last. 

For the rest of the way home, we didn't speak another word.

When we got home, I went straight upstairs and collapsed on my bed, wallowing. 

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