Agent Petal: Friend Or Foe?

To you, I'm a normal person. Even my closest friends wouldn't think twice! No one does. However, if I don't change things, they will all be forced to know who I am. But more to the point, what I am.


4. Remembering

I know wallowing won't get get me anywhere but, you know, hormones. God why aren't I twelve yet. Everything happens at the age of twelve, it's like the best number of all time! Basically, on my twelfth birthday, Special Agent Amazeye, head of Section 34, part of M.I.5, can come looking for me to work again. I cannot tell you how excited I am!

You see, three lives ago, my name was Henry Amosparc. But I died at the grand old age of sixty-three from dementia and a broken hip. I first joined M.I.5 when I was thirty-three. However, I love working at M.I.5 and would never give it up for the world. So, when I was Henry, I had to tell my old boss the truth about me. I had to tell him that I could be a great help as Septimore's of my age (me) have impeccable intelligence. To prove it to him, I managed to recite an incident that happened when I was supposedly two years old as if I took part in it as someone important. Of course, that was hardly enough to persuade him so I gave him a device that could find me on my twelfth birthday of my next life.

And sure enough, twelve years to the day I died, he showed up at my front door. However, he saw me as a little Zimbabwean girl called Pamela Maglisk.  In that life, I was quite unfortunate to live in a very dangerous area due to a lot of criminal activities. But at the same time exceedingly lucky to have had very rich parents. It was quite educational being Pamela because I learned a new language: Shona and a whole different culture as that was the first time I had ended up in the South of Africa.

I can't believe my boss showed up all the way from England. The only way I could prove to him that I was Henry was by recognizing my name as Agent Petal. That  is the key.

I worked, as Pamela, happily for four years. Then when I was sixteen, my life took a turn for the worse! I went to go visit my family. (my double had filled my place so no-one knew that I wasn't there) Shortly after my arrival at the airport, a random man said hi to me just before he shot me dead in plain site of everyone.

The very next day however, it's a girl! My name was Linda Chanter and on the big day, one of my old colleagues, Special Agent Amazeye, came. He replaced my old boss. When I was just fourteen, I caught cancer and died. Yeah, I've had a pretty unlucky few lives lately.

The next day, it's a girl! Again! Born Harriet Stephanie Potter. Yes, when I was one, my parents were murdered by Death Eaters. Thankfully though, I was at a child-minders at the time and can't recall the incident. And, oh yeah, I don't know why but I was misidentified at an orphanage and called Shannon. (I couldn't tell them that my name was Harriet because I was one year old and shouldn't be able to understand what was going on) So I've had to live with Shannon. Being twelve this year, is going to be an absolute blast! 

However, M.I.5 isn't the only thing I will have to look foreword to. Using the time machine in M.I.5 HQ, I can step into Downton Abbey! How amazing is that! If there's one (two) thing(s) I miss from the 1900s, it's the dresses and just how polite everyone is; you feel so welcome. 

More importantly though, I can use a double again, go places and such. I can start looking for Harry! It's a bit of an odd buissness with Harry because our parents died on the same night, and while Harry was taken to the Dursley's, Dumbledore must have known about me to take to an orphanage. Well, he didn't take me, some guy did.

Twelve, twelve, twelve here I come!

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