Agent Petal: Friend Or Foe?

To you, I'm a normal person. Even my closest friends wouldn't think twice! No one does. However, if I don't change things, they will all be forced to know who I am. But more to the point, what I am.


2. My Secret

If you want to get anywhere in life, you just have to follow one simple rule. NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING! IS FICTION! I know it's hard to grasp as all the human minds on the planet so narrow minded it's unreal! But look at Dynamo: Magician Impossible, even he is oblivious to it. The Universe is a big, BIG, thing. It travels through all of space and time. Parallel Universes exist. We are in 1 Galaxy: The Milky Way. There are millions of other Galaxies out there. Just imagine all of the different species, languages, civilizations out there and the narrow minded snobs on this planet are refusing to see what is right in front of their eyes. Not everyone, but most.


To start off with, I'm not even human! I'm whats known as a Septimore. I'm just like a human but with a couple of twists:



When I am about to die in the life I am living, I go through a process called Reboration which means I can be re-born into a new generation. That then means, I can end up anywhere in the world, I could be any gender and I have the same risks and complications any child could have at birth.



As I go through life, I keep the same brain. That means I can still remember any achievements I made in my past lives, my intelligence, my memouries, and my knowledge is constantly growing with newer technologies.



There is a limit to how old we can live up to though. Each and every Septimore can only live up to the age of 20, 000. I however, am 24, 001. In addition to that, when we reach our last life, we will live like normal human beings with a fresh brain. Everything we have done with our long lives, will cease to exist to us.


I am unfortunately the last of my kind because 20, 000 Septimore's were produced 24, 001 years ago at exactly the same time all around the world. Not one of us had a child. Therefore, we have not reproduced any new Septimore's. As a result, I am the last Septimore on Earth (who knows about the whole universe!) since 19, 999 of them died 4, 001 years ago.

This isn't even half of my secret though. I also live a lot of different lives at once with only one double (commissioned from M.I.5) to get around. Here are my 4 main ones:

- I am a normal girl (as you discovered in the last chapter)

- I am the cousin to a young yet famous wizard. Magic!

- I am a Secret Agent of M.I.5: Special Agent Potter, Under Secretary of Section 34, 3RD Federal Agent.

- I am a housemaid back in the early 1900s as well (accessible through the time machine in M.I.5 HQ)

In addition to that, just in this life, weird things are happening to me. If I feel a strong enough emotion, weather I'm really excited, nervous or scared, angry e.t.c my eyes turn yellow and blue veins start spreading across my body. And, as soon as I calm down, they disappear. And, I'm really happy and excited on a full moon, to just wanting to lie in a ditch and forget about life on a new moon. Freaky shit. Also, when I have an allergic reaction or I'm faced with fire, wolf-like claws appear on my finger tips and I get these sort of....fangs as well. I would choose meat over sweet and I have got a seriously good sense of smell, sight, speed. Why?

Having been around as long as I have, I can answer any question at all. However, I'm completely dumbstruck when I ask myself "Why have I suddenly got all of these extra features?"

I hope for my ages sake that things don't get any more complicated. I can hardly keep up as it is!

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