Agent Petal: Friend Or Foe?

To you, I'm a normal person. Even my closest friends wouldn't think twice! No one does. However, if I don't change things, they will all be forced to know who I am. But more to the point, what I am.


1. Blah, Blah, Boring, Blah

Hi. My name is Shannon Potter and I am adopted by the Huff family. I could have been adopted by any family but it had to be the most boring one on Earth! Every birthday, they would sing. Every Christmas, they would play charades. Everyday, they went to the most boring jobs in the world!

Georgiana Huff (my adoption mum) is a cleaner. She has shoulder length, light, brown hair, pale blue eyes and loves the colour green. 

She is married to Geoff Huff (my adoption dad) who has an ever evolving bald patch in the middle of his head, surrounded by snow-white hair. He is a banker.

Honestly, how boring do they sound?!

Together, they had son called Peter Huff. Peter and I like to pretend that we are twins because we share the exact same birthday. He has dark, blonde hair, twinkling, blue eyes and a square jaw.

Moi has luscious, golden, perfect -

Only joking! I have elbow length, nearly black, straight hair, and a dark shade of green for my eyes. We both attended Whitelight School of Academic in a small town called Wirebloom. However, we are about to start secondary school.


Not even they know me....

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