Cass was just a regular girl until One Direction came at a school concert.


6. Texts continued

                                                                Harry's P.O.V.

        Cass just sent me a picture of Emma and I wolf whistled out loud. The boys came to me and I hurried to close my phone. Niall said to me" Come on Harry what is it?" I kept my mouth closed so then Louis got my phone so I held my breath. He said " Who's this?" pointing to the picture of Emma. I said " No one." He said " No secrets, Huzza." " It. Is. NOBODY!!!!" I said getting more pissed by the second. " Okay. Everyone stop fighting." Liam said. I went back and texted: <3-)

   C- lol

   H- *blush*

   C-Can I have Niall's number?

   H-  It's (783)-577-4711

   C- thanx :-)

    H- bye

   C- bye

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