Cass was just a regular girl until One Direction came at a school concert.


1. School

                                                                           Cass' P.O.V.

     " I have to go to school, bye Mom!" Cass Kenna a 14 year old girl with green eyes and straight dirty blonde hair. My best friend is Emma White, also 14 with blue eyes and curly brown hair. We both love One Direction but my favorite is Niall Horan and hers is Harry Styles. She had a concert today at school. When she got there everyone was crowed around someone. Then she saw.....One Direction!!!!

     She about fainted, but instead tripped. She about fell but someone caught her, she looked up and saw a pair of worried blue eyes. "Are you okay?" a worried Irish voice said. "Yeah, but what's your name?" He said" I'm Niall Horan." I mentally slapped myself for not knowing immediately then said,"I-I'm Cass Kenna."

                                                          Niall's P.O.V.

       I was walking around a high school in Ashton, Idaho. I saw someone trip so I helped. When I helped her I said" Are you okay?". I tried not to sound worried but I guess I did 'cause she answered, sounding confused"Yeah," I sighed then she continued saying," But, what's your name?" I replied" I'm Niall Horan." Then she said" I-I'm Cass Kenna." I politely replied, "Nice to meet you." You, too." Cass answered. Then I said "Oh, I have to go, bye." "See you." she said. Why did I do that? I'll just go get mobbed. Oh well.

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