Cass was just a regular girl until One Direction came at a school concert.


4. Everyone in Love

                                                                 Niall's P.O.V.

      My friends say I'm in love with Cass but I'm not, at least I think I'm not.  Wait......I think everything about her is perfect so, am I in love?

                                                            Cass' P.O.V.

      Emma says I'm in love with Niall but believe me I'm not. I don't think I am at least. Wait a second....I think he's totally perfect in everything so, am I in love?

                                                               Harry's P.O.V.

      So........ Niall's in love, everyone else is excited and I'm really really anxious. I can't wait to meet Emma.

                                                        Emma's P.O.V.

       Cass called me and said we're going on a tour with One Direction and I can't wait to meet Harry! He's so....... perfect. I'm packing for 6 months to be safe ( That's 6 bags). I LOVE Harry. 

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