All Stars

This story is about a girl who has to solve a mystery of her sisters' death, find the killer and stay alive while doing so.


1. Just a game

"Come on, slow coach!" My sisters laughter echoed throughout the empty forest. The emerald green leaves glistened in the sunlight, whilst the maroon branches swayed blandly in cool breeze. My sister, Katherine (or Kate as she preferred to be called), was rushing around a big oak tree while I sat in the shade of a Caesarsboom tree. As usual, Kate was fit to bursting with energy.

We had been playing our favourite game: Bear Trap, a game where one of us pretends to be a bear and the other has to hide and not be found. If they are found then they will be 'eaten' by the bear. Kate always purposely gets found, just so that she can get eaten, which is fine by me because it means I can witness her laughter, which has been hidden away like priceless treasure since our father left us two years ago. After that Kate lost her spark, and it only returns to her beneath the trees in the forest that surrounds our village, while playing our favourite game.

I close my eyes and slowly...drift...into a deep...sleep.


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