Wrong Direction Right Enough

I'm Tori I live in Ireland I hate almost everyone here so i decided to move to Manchester to move from Bullies, Family, and Drama I hate being hated for being me. It's not fair .This is the story of 5 boys, 5 idiots, 5 singers and 1 girl Whose world Changes.


3. Who am I

' so what's your name? ' ' umm t-tori erm Niall I have to go ' i quickly walked away so he coukdn't object I called a taxi so i could go to my apartment. Once i was there i did some unpacking but looked at the time and saw i had to go i was going to my first concert seeing One Direction i don't know much about the but there music is pretty good. As i headed out i decided i was going to walk to the staduim. I was lost after 30 minutes after that time just zoomed by my first day in manchester i wanted everything to be peedect but i missed the concert and the meet and greet but right now i just want to be back at my apartment. I'm freezing the rain stopped minutes ago leaving me soaked. i continue walking and a black suv pulls up slowly beside me ' hey are you okay its pretty late to be outside ' a guy with a heavily british acient spoke ' yeah, well i just moved here and i don't know where my apartment is at ' ' oh thats a problem would you like to stay with me and my lads at our flat? ' ' alright ' when i stepped forwed I felt my foot go from under me and everything went blank. when I woke i had a splitting headache i started to moan in pain why do i have a headache? Where am I ?.... Who am I? Right then a tall boy with curly hair came in with a glass of water and to tablets i know these could have been drugs to drug me but i needed the pain to go away we just sat the until i finally decided to break tje silence ' who are you? What am I doing here? ' i said calmly as possible ' well from what liam told me he saw you walking last night asked if you wanted to come here and you fell ' i just made a oh with my mouth and nodded. Another boy came in and ran up to me ' are you okay love you hit your head on the sidewalk ' ' yes yes I'm fine can i just ask you one important question ' ' yeah love what is it? ' ' what's my name? ' his already worried face turned into a frown i guess mine did to because hewas patting me telking me everything is going to be okay. ' we have to call a doctor' he left but the curly one was still there ' so do you know anything ' he had dimples, who doesn't like dimples? ' well i remeber one thing i met this guy at the airport ' ' what's his name? ' right then the tall blonde came in looking sad I quickly stood up. ' Niall?!?! ' ' Tori!!! ' ... " you guys know eachother? -------------------------------- did you like this chapter please comment and favorite my story so i know i should continue :)
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