Poems and war

Poetry about war and suffering.


1. Floating fires in the sky


Floating fire in the sky, 

Bright and pretty,


Down the shining lights descend,

Where do they go?

Shall they meet their end?

My city is its destination,

How lucky!

I run towards my city centre,

"Hey you guys! The beauties have entered!"

But these alluring figures are nothing fun,

They are the devils workers,

The Villains men,

Fire, fire, fire!

Quick get down!

I can see mother's eyes, her tears, her frown,

"My baby, my child, my baby bear,"

"I love you, my young" she caresses my hair,

She tells me to run away from the scene,

"Mommy, don't leave me, I can't do this without you"

Her face is suddenly masked by the fumes,

"Mommy don't go! Don't let them separate me from you!"

But all I can hear are her innocent cries,

My home is eaten by the flies,

The enemy,

The flying fires,

Killed my mother


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