One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


9. Yahaira & Harry! :D

* Yahaira pov* Leeyumm!! Hurrrryyy!! We're going to be late for Harry's birthday party. I was sooo excited for Harry's party!! Aww!! Lil hawy growing up!! :) I have a major crush on him ever since liam introduced us, but since Liam being a protective big brother said no dating my sister. I was like, MOTHERFLYER!! LIAM JAMES PAYNE!! WHY?!?! started to choke him in my mind. I would do it, but he would take me down easy. I hate the fact that he's older. I'm 18, he's 19. I have the same color hair as Liam, but my hair is natural wavy. He has adorable Brown puppy eyes, I have bright green sparkling eyes. Well, that's what Liam says I don't know if its true. I snapped out of my thoughts and saw Liam sitting across from me waiting. He said, Are you done thinking about ' Harry '? I replied, Yep! Leggo! Liam doesn't approve of harry. He thinks harry is gonna break my heart! Unbelievable!! He judges to much! I know harry, hes cheeky, funny, kind, nice, HOTT! And is very sexy. I bit my lip, just the thought of that. Liam said, We're here! I opened the car door and ran to Louis's door, while leaving my protective bro behind. Harry's party is at Louis's flat, I have no idea why its here, but I think its because Louis has a big flat. I knocked on the door and a very drunken Harry answered it. My jaw dropped and said, WTF HARRY?! He looked at me and said, what. I yelled, YOUR SUPPOSE TO WAIT FOR ME! THEN WE GET FUCKED UP!! He laughed and said, sorry! Then gave me a 7 second sloppy kiss...on. the. Mouth. I stood there unable to move, but I enjoyed it. I realised what was happening and kissed back. I could feel harry smirk on my lips and I just smiled. We pulled back and Harry said he was going to go talk to a few people. I nodded and was nervous, I hope Liam didn't see that. Scratch that. I spoke to soon. I saw a very looking pissed Liam looking at me. He walked over to me and said, May we please go outside to talk? I hesitated, but I said, ye-s. We walked outside to the garden Louis had. Liam said very calmly trying not to scream. He said, Yahaira.? You know I love you very much and I don't want you to get hurt! I was beyond pissed, because he was judging harry....again. I finally had the nerves to stand up to him. I yelled at him, LIAM! WHY DO YOU JUDGE HIM?! HUH?! YOU DON'T KNOW HIM! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S GOING THROUGH! I BET YOU BELIVE ALL THOSR PEOPLE THAT SAY HARRYS A PLAYER! I KNOW WHAT HE DID! BUT THAT IS IN THE PAST! HE MAY HAVE CHANGED! Liam was silent, looking at his shoes. Ha. He better be feel guilty. HE MAY HAVE SOMETHING GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!! YOU JUDGE TO MUCH! IT'S SOOO FRUSTRATING TOO! I KNOW YOUR TRYING TO FUCKING PROTECT ME FROM HIM, BUT THERE'S NOTHING TO PROTECT ME FROM HIM! DOES HE ABUSE WOMAN! DOES HE SLAP WOMEN! NO!! I DIDN'T FYCKING THINK SO!! CAN'T YOU PLEASE TAKE THAT I LOVE HARRY! NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!!WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF ONE OF THE BOYS SAID THAT YOUR A PLAYER!? HUH?! Liam looked at me with guilt. I replied, I didn't think so. I was gonna walk away, but I saw mostly the whole party was watching us. I said while crying, That's fucking great! I took off inside and ran upstairs. Went into the restroom and locked it. 15 minutes later, I heard a knock. I said, who is it? Me. I knew it was Harry, but I think he is sober now. I unlocked.the door and said, Yes? He put his hands on my face, cupped my face and passionately kissed me. I know this is cheesy, but I felt like I was cloud 9. From then on, I was truly happy and now I didn't care if Liam hated it. I wasn't gonna let anyone take my happiness away. Harry and I pulled away and I was ready to say, What was that. But he caught me off and said, Liam is ok with us and I always loved you. I knew Liam didn't like me with you, but I couldn't resist. I smiled and kissed him again. After that, I went downstairs and I saw Liam red-eyed. He saw me and was blabbering about how sorry he is. I hugged him to shut him up and to say thank you and sorry. He seemed shocked at first, but hugged me back. I smiled to myself and thought, Everything is perfect. I wish this can last forever. But forever doesn't last.
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