One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


3. Mia & Harry Special Imagine! ;)

*Mia pov* Me and my chick friend were at a party and guess what?! that's right. She freaking bailed on me for a guyy.... Unbefreakinglieveable. UGH! that lil.....motherflyer! I know it may seem funny, but I dont swear that much. I swear when I'm right on the edge. Well, I guess its just me and a lot horny guys and girls. I should just walk around and try to meet some guys. ;) HEY LOVE! some curly head guy said over the pounding music. HEY! and smiled at him. He screamed over the music, WANNA GO TO A ROOM TO TALK OR CHAT!? I was unsure, but I nodded my head yes and followed him into a room. Finally! He said as we entered the room. I said, calm down. There's no more loud music. Hahaha He chuckled and said, Ello! I'm harry. Yours? I replied, Mia. I said, tell me about yourself. He said, My full name is Harry Edward Styles, I'm 19 and from Ho- a buzzing sound came from his pocket. *Harry pov* My full name is Harry Edward Styles, I'm 19 and from Ho- I felt a buzzing feeling from my pocket. I took out my phone and it was from mum. It said, Harry. Home. Now. I don't care what your doing, but you better comehome this instant. Jeez. Calm down mum. I thought. I looked up to the breath-taking, beautiful girl Mia and said, I'm so sorry Mia, but I have to go home now. It's nice to meet you thought and flashed my million dollar smile. She was so beautiful, her dark brown eyes, her soft-Brown hair... I stared in aww....Harry! Harry! Mia was snapping her fingers in my face and interrupting my thoughts. Yea? I said. Did you have to go? No offense. She said. I nodded my head and said, none taken. And smiled. I thought its now or never. Hey Mia! Can I have your number? I said in embarrassment. She blushed and gave it to me. I said, YES!! *Mia pov* Oh my god. I was laughing my arse off! Harry out of nowhere said Yes! It was funny. He looked down and.started to approach me. He was leaning in! Oh my god! I leaned it....and I felt....bombs, fireworks, grenades exploding in the kiss. After 8 seconds, we pulled away and both blushed. Harry screamed and said, OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO GO! Sorry again Mia! He was about to leave, but he ran up to me and gave me another kiss. Winked, and said, I'll text you. He was gone. I was to starstruck to say anything. I walked out of the party and went home. When I finally went to my room, i was squealing! I stopped and said, Maybe he will ask me out. I laid down on my bed and went to sleep with a goofy smile on my face thinking about him. *No ones pov* Sure enough Harry asked out Mia and.....he face-planted on his first date with Mia. Real smooth Harry, real smooth. Mia and Harry had something to laugh about though on their date. :) *Authors note* hey Mia! How is it? Sorry if its to long. :) hope u liked it! -Kaleb :)
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