One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


5. Louis imagine

*Louis pov* Me and the Lads are walking downtown now. Really?! Oh my god! We're coming!! I hanged up my phone and ran to the lads and said, STFU! and your get asses n the van now! No questions asked! Hurry!! We ran to the van and I got in the driver seat. I drove like a madman, but I didn't care. The lads did, they were yelling and screaming what the fudge going on Louis?! Stuff like that. I yelled, I dont care if I'm going pass the speed limit, i need to see my wife y/n! Zayn asked, Where us she?! I replied not calm, at the hospital! We were at the hospital now, I slammed open the door and took off. I was inside the hospital now and was asking person at the desk, Where is my wife y/n? She just gone into labor! The lady looked scared, but answered me, Room 3120. I ran into 'Labor&Babys', but it wouldn't open. I saw a telephone by the doors, i picked it up a lady answered, May I help you? I said, I'm here for y/n Tomlinson. She hang up and opened the doors. I ran looking for 3120. 3117.... 3118.... 3119.... 3120!! I ran in and saw y/n yelling, where's Louis?!?! I said, y/n! I'm right here love. Calm down.. I'm right here. *Y/n pov* FUCK!! WHERE THE FUCK IS LOUIS TOMLINSON AT?!?! I bet your saying jeez calm down woman. He's coming. I'm in a lot of pain, so I can't really control what I'm saying. Its like I'm on a period but much worse! FUCK CONTRACTIONS!! I screamed, Where is Louis?!?! I heard running and Louis came in saying, y/n! I'm right here love. Calm down....I'm right here. I calmed right after he said that, relief washed over me, because my husband is here. Next to me. DAMN! MOTHERFUCKER!! a sharp pain went through my stomach. A doctor came in and said, ok y/n its time for baby! I nodded and Louis said, are you ready? I said, no. But yes. *Louis pov* The doctor said, Ok, y/n PUSH! PUSH! Y/n was grunting and screaming. I think her scream was louder than the fans scream. OW! FUCK! My hand is hurting! I looked at my hand and y/n was squeezing my hand. It was literally purple and red. Then I heard the doctor say, one more push! I said, come on y/n! One more! She looked at me and gave it all she got. A minute passed by, by screaming, until a baby's crying was heard. The doctor said, It's a girl! I got up and saw y/n with our baby. I smiled and I felt tears coming down my face. I'm a father now. The doctor congratulates us.and walks out. Louis? What do want to name her? I thought and said, what about b/n m/n Tomlinson? ( b/n means baby's name and m/n means middle.) She nodded yes and I said, can I hold her? *y/n pov* Louis said, can I hold her? I said of course and gave him b/n. I looked at them and I was crying. It was a beautiful moment. Father and daughter moment. Out of nowhere the boys came in and said LOUIS! WHERE HA- I cut them off saying shush! B/n is sleeping!! They looked at me with a confused face and walked.towards Louis. They gasped and the room filled with aww's. I thought to myself, I wish this moment could last forever.
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