One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


4. Louis imagine

*Y/N pov* I can't believe I'm meeting one direction today!! Aww!!! I'm fangirling now! Hahaha Ok, calm your titz y/n and I have serious problems.You said to yourself and laughing. Louis was your favorite and you loved him. His humor.was.attractive. You were walking inside the mall to a one direction signing. There were A LOT of girls screaming and some were even.....crying...? There was a long line thought! Ugh! You thought. Well, i guess I will be the last one, you said to yourself again. *3 and 1/2 hours later* NEXT! Paul yelled. You mutter to yourself, damn! He doesn't have to scream. I'm the only one here. You were freaking on the inside, but was chill as a cucumber on the outside. You walked up to the table and first to greet you was Niall Horan. Yes! The irish lad! You thought. Niall spoke, Hello love, what's your name? And smiled that made you melt. Y/n. You finally said. He said, Awesome name y/n, while he was signing your CD and shirt. You said, thank you niall and winked. He laughed and winked back at you. You laughed and moved to the next person. Surprisingly it was Harry Styles, cheeky bastard you thought. Ha. Harry had a sexy smirked on his face while his dimples were out. He said, Last one eh? You replied with sassiness, yeah, problem? With you own smirk. He replied, nope not at all, princess. With a grin now on his face. He signed it and with a flirty wink. You rolled your eyes and laughed. Next! Was.....DJ Malik!! Whoo! He's hott! You thought while biting your lip. Zayn smiled and asked, how are you this fine day y/n? You replied, great, since I'm getting one directions signatures on my stuff. How do you know my name...zayn? With a shy smile. He gestured towards his ear and said smart ass remark you made at harry. You nodded and laughed. He said bye and moved on. Daddy Directioner was next. You could tell he was in a bad mood, so you kissed his cheek and asked how was his day? Liam was surprised, but lit up! He said great since you kissed my cheek. Then winked at you while signing you CD. You blushed and moved to....Finally.....The TOMMO! Louis said, what's you name, beautiful? With a shy smile. Y/n, you said with shyness in it. He was silent the whole time, which made you sad. He finished and you were walking out of the mall. You looked at your stuff and read what they put. They were all saying that Louis liked you and was shy. You thought, that's why he wasnt talking! And they each put there phone numbers. You looked at Louis's and it said he was sorry he wasn't talking, because he didn't have the guts to talk to a beautiful girl that he likes already. You were madly blushing while reading it. His number was after it and it said text me and we'll get to know each other more. With xo's after.
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