One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


10. Kree & Louis! c:

*Kree POV * UGH!! Why do we have to go?! I said obviously irritated. Because! I want you to get over your break up with e/n. (e/n means ex name.) My best friend said. But- NO BUTS! OR IF! YOU ARE GOING WITH ME TO THE CARNIVAL! ok? I pout and say stubbornly, fine. ^^20 minutes later^^ we are HEREE!! F/n yelled excitedly. I mumble to myself, while being stubborn. She parked and got out. I just sat there like a child not wanting to go to the doctors office. She said, Kree! Stop being like.... That. I shot back, like what? She replied, a brat, now! Leggo! She got me and I got out and followed her. We payed and got wristbands. There were a bunch fun rides! Like the sizzler, gravitron, zipper, tornado, and that thingy that goes up then down really fast! I was so excited! I even forgot about e/n. I ran to the zipper, and hurried and showed him my wristband and got in. I totally forgot about f/n. I hope she's not mad. I saw that theres two people per seat. I had one open and a tall guy with blue-green eyes and Brown hair up like a quiff. He said, Is this seat taken? I nodded no and he sat down. He was hott! I can tell you that. He said, Hi, I'm Louis and I love carrots! I laughed and said, Hey, I'm Kree and I love guys who loves carrots! After you said that you smirked and Louis just laughed. He said, your a cheeky one alright and I like you already. You smiled and felt the ride moving. It started and we started to flip foward, backward. All over the place! It was crazy and fun! I was screaming like heck! Louis just sat there laughing alot. After we were done, I felt all dizzy. I said, Louis, can you carry me and help me find my friend? Louis chirped, sure! We looked everywhere! I mean, everywhere. The only place was the porty-potty and sure enough. She was in there making out with an attractive guy, but Louis is more attractive. I poked f/n and said, f/n, sorry i ditched you but now we must go home! F/n stopped making out and said, why don't you go back home and I'll stay her with this guy! She points at the guy she was making out with. I said, You sure? She mumbled something and nodded. I said, ok. Bye! Have fun! Louis yelled, Use protection! I playfully slapped his arm and giggled. We walked to the parking lot and got in his car. I told him the directions to my house and we arrived at my house. I said, wow. I was that close! I could've walked. Louis said, no. Its dangerous. I'm glad i drives you home. You smiled and thought, what a gentlemen. You said, I guess this us my stop. Bye Louis. It's nice to meet you. Your awesome! Louis laughed and said, you too Kree. Your awesomer! You laughed and was about to close the door, but Louis said, Can I have you number? I replied, sure! It's xxx-xxx-xxxx. Louis typed it in his phone and said, ok. Thanks Kree. I'll see you later yeah? I nodded and waved. He waved back and drove off. I walked to my door and unlocked it. I walked up stairs and went into my room. Changed my clothed, brushed teeth, washed my face and got a text from an unknown number. It said, Hey, its Louis. This is Kree, right? I texted back yeah. He texted back, Ok, sweet dreams! Gnite Kree! :) I smiled and replied the same thing. I turned off my phone and went into a deeo sleep thinking about Louis.
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