One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


1. Niall imagine

*Y/N pov* Me and Niall been friends since.....we were....i say.....6? yeah, 6. We are 19 now and I had a HUGE crush on him since we turned 10. Still do....that irish accent i fell for, blond hair, blue ey- Y/N!!!????? Niall snapped out of my thoughts. Yea what? i said with sarcasm. Can you please help me with my date tonight? When he said that my heart broke in two...ha like Niall would go out with someone like me. I thought I shook myself out of my thoughts before Niall can again. Like a good friend i said, Sure nialler! and faked smiled. Harry walked in and whispered in my ear, meet me in my room. Look at me and a flirty wink. I nodded my head and turned back to Niall to tell him. He looked....JEALOUS?...... 0_0 I started to walk to Harrys room when Harry pulled me into the bathroom, locked it and started to snog my face off. He said seductively, you dont know how much i want youu y/n. I was shocked at first then realised what ywe're doing. i pushed him off and said Harry?! I unlocked the door and ran to niall, who was crying. I said, Niall, why are you crying? He replied, my 'date' was a fake. She was only going to go out with me for fame. I looked at him with sympathy. I thought, lil leprechaun is sad.....I would replace her and never use him for fame. Niall said, really? With a big smile on his adorable face. I replied with a red face, Did I say that aloud? He nodded his head yes. I started to get up to walk away ashamed, but I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around and say Niall with a goofy grin. He said, y/n. I always loved you, when we were kids. I barley realized that I love you. You were in shock, but let his words sink in. You turned happy and screamed, I LOVE YOU TOO!! Niall started to chuckle and by surprised kiss you. ;) and you kissed back. Became a couple, got married 5 years later.
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